KTM: More Details on the Uprated ‘Brabus 1300’ Motorcycle

A wheel-based view of a car that has been tuned by Brabus
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New Trademarks Show Partnership with Auto-Tuning Company Brabus to Include Potential Uprated Super Duke R Sibling

When Brabus revealed the partnership with KTM on the creation of quality-tuned bikes, we got a little excited.  The German Auto Tuning company is known throughout the automotive company for their expertise in quality tweaks to special cars – so you can imagine we were drooling a bit at the concept of a quality tweaked bike from the same name. 

KTM’s 1290 Super Duke R popping a wheelie

Source: Cycleworld

Around that same time, trademarks were found that listed a ‘Brabus 1300’ as being in the works (registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office in December 2021) – and now we have a few more details on the specs that Brabus 1300 will be giving the community proper. 

MCN tells us that the Brabus 1300 (with the maker listed as KTM) will be the better-looking sibling of KTM’s 1290 Super Duke R. What we didn’t know was that this machine will get “fractionally narrower bars – 816mm across instead of 843mm – and a 5mm reduction in wheelbase.”

“The rear end is straight from the Super Duke RR, complete with the same carbon-fiber subframe, and the use of carbon around the bike means it weighs just 205kg – 5kg less than a Super Duke R.”

KTM's Super Duke RR - the same limited run that sold out in less than an hour

Source: CycleWorld

2022’s Super Duke R Evo will be donating their WP Apex ‘SAT’ semi-active suspension kit for the Brabus 1300, which will also host a unique set of custom wheels (we’re told they are an exact match for the Brabus Monoblock Z Platinum Edition car rims if you can believe it), alongside “new carbon-fiber side panels, a cowl around that round headlight and a small lower cowling, plus a new end can with twin exits.”

Rumour is that we could also be looking at the base for a new Husqvarna Vitpilen 1301, though that’s less likely since we would only be going off of the “circular headlight like those used on Husky’s other models.”

Expect this machine to sell quickly; we are expecting similar figures to the rabidly-popular, limited edition, 500-unit run of Super Duke RRs that sold out before I could get my hair done – each was had for the price of £21,499, so that gives us a general idea of what this bike could cost.

KTM's Super Duke RR - the same limited run that sold out in less than an hour

Source: RideApart

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*Title media sourced from MCN*