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Kove’s Bringing their 800X Rally to the US

Debut to Include Two Variants

A motorcyclist on a Kove adventure bike.
Kove's new 2024 800x. Media provided by Kove.
  • Kove’s 800x is coming to the United States 
  • Variants include Rally/Pro and Standard
  • Prices range from $9,999 USD to $13,999 USD

Kove Moto’s been busy bringing their long-anticipated 800x Rally to the United States!

If you’ve never heard of Kove, you should look into these guys – especially if you’re addicted to the idea of lightweight “super adventure” motorcycles. 

A motorcyclist on an adventure bike.
Kove’s new 2024 800x. Media provided by Kove.

Why we’re into Kove Moto

Last year, Americans were treated with the boon of the wickedly competent Kove 450 Rally. The 450, if you don’t already know, has been Kove’s choice in the conquering of the Dakar; add to this the fact that Kove’s boss (Zhang Xue) is a huge rally fan, and you’ve got a magic combination that’s been attracting quite a bit of attention… especially as of late. 

If you want details on the brand’s future plans, Here’s a video of Kove Moto’s boss on his half-decade goal:

As if all of the above isn’t enough to get a closer look at Kove (the brand), we’ve now got an even bigger (read: middleweight) rally bike rolling out of Kove’s factory, heading straight for American shores. 

A motorcyclist on an adventure bike.
Kove’s new 2024 800x. Media provided by Kove.

2024 Kove 800x Rally: Specs and Price

We’re told that the 2024 Kove 800x will boast a lightweight 358lbs, with its 799c four-stroke showing off 94hp @ 9,000rpm and torque measured to 79Nm (~58lb-ft) @ 7,500rpm. 

The above gets you a fuel economy of 49 miles to the gallon (4.8L/100Km), with three variants available at the following prices (MSRP, USD): 

  1. Standard – $9,999 USD / $13,500 CAD (MSRP)
  2. Rally/Pro – $13,999 USD / $18,900 CAD (MSRP)

We may not yet know all details of the perks associated with each variant, but we do know that the Pro version will get nifty add-ons like a fully-adjustable KYB suspension system, Bosch EFI (Electronic Fuel Injector), a guickshifter, tubeless Pirelli rubber and a large aluminum skid plate.

A motorcyclist on an adventure bike.
Kove’s new 2024 800x. Media provided by Kove.

When is the Kove 800X Rally coming to the US?

According to coverage from ADVPulse, the 800x Rally will be available around July of this year, though it will be sold only as an offroad bike. 

Promise of pavement play is included in the following statement from ADVPulse:

According to Gary Goodwin, certified street versions for both the standard and Rally models are in the works and will come later, expected to arrive in the Fall of 2024.”

– “Kove Confirms Pricing & Availability Of 800X Rally For US Market,” ADVPulse. February What do you think of Kove’s 800x Rally?26, 2024.
The Kove 800x Pro motorcycle.
Kove’s new 2024 800x. Media provided by Kove.

What do you think of Kove’s new middleweight “super adventure” 800x?

*Media sourced from Celebrity Cruises, as well as KOVE MOTO*