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Klim Induction Jacket: Hands-On Review [Updated for 2022]

Back of author wearing Klim Induction Jacket
Klim Induction Jacket Review Summary
Review Summary
The Induction jacket is a warm weather piece of riding kit that will keep you comfortable and well protected. It’s so lightweight as to be barely noticeable while riding, but still manages to offer robust protection—thanks to vented shoulder and elbow armor—and is highly reflective. While you won’t want to wear it in chilly weather, it comes highly recommended for riders who need a quality upper body garment in hotter climates.
Material & Build Quality
Sizing, Fit & Comfort
Value For Money
Flows massive amounts of air
Extra comfort via stretchy panels
Included CE Level 1 armor with an AA rating
Back armor comes standard
Clean modern style
Extremely well-made
Effective reflective elements
Wide range of available sizes
Only for warm weather riding
Limited color choices
Could use an upper arm cinch

Review Summary:

  • The Klim Induction jacket is a lightweight, visible, and tough jacket that makes an excellent choice for hot weather riding.
  • The quality of the materials used here is impressive—all fabrics, stitches, and fasteners feel very strong and well-made.
  • The inclusion of vented shoulder and elbow armor, reflective materials, and a spine protector is a huge plus and adds lots of value.
  • This jacket is for warm conditions only—but it’s excellent at doing what it promises and is worth the price if you’re in the market for a dedicated summer riding jacket.

The Klim Induction Jacket: A Hot Commodity for Hot Weather Riding

I had heard others speak of the benefits of a high-end mesh motorcycle jacket but had never been able to try one out in the proper conditions. This year Western Canada was hot and I logged over 1000 km wearing this jacket in temperatures that stayed well over 30°C the entire time.

The Klim Induction jacket has been hugely popular, and this review is on the latest version—which was released in 2021. The Klim Induction is made from Karbonite Mesh and able to flow massive amounts of air. It has armor, reflective striping, a range of colors, and a CE AA rating certified to EN 17092-3. Basically, on paper, this jacket should be amazing. Let’s see if it is.

About Klim

Klim has a sterling reputation for making high-quality motorcycle, snow, and off-road gear (plus a range of lifestyle products and accessories). Their website describes their specialty as “advanced technical riding gear”—you won’t find many products with an oldschool look here, but there’s plenty to peruse if you want a modern-looking kit with plenty of performance-oriented features.

Klim Induction Jacket Design

Author wearing Klim Induction Jacket

My perspective on Klim products has always been, they focus on protection/purpose first, and then figure out how to make it look the best they can. Function, then fashion.

Materials & Adjustment

If I had to guess, I would say this jacket is 70% Karbonite Mesh and 30% 500D Cordura. Hold it up and you can see the light shine straight through it from all angles. Yeah, this will definitely flow air straight through it.

The collar and cuffs are lined with a soft, almost microfiber feeling material, and the body is lined with a moisture wicking mesh lining. Klim has made sure the fit of the Induction jacket can be finely tuned with a tensioning strap on the forearms and a velcro tab along each side of the waist.


I really like the look of this jacket, Klim does just enough with the pattern of the panels to look handsome and not fear falling out of style anytime too soon. I was able to order a size that fit well to my body, and thanks to the stretch of the fabrics, the Induction jacket is very comfortable to move about in. This is the first jacket I have ridden in that had this type of stretch to the outer shell.

Klassic Klim: 90%

Klim Induction Jacket Material & Build Quality

Klim logo on Induction Jacket

One of the first things I noticed was that the Induction jacket comes with a CE-Level AA rating. To achieve this rating you cannot skimp on the material quality—and Klim does not.

Nylon & Mesh Panels

The solid surfaces on the Induction jacket are from 500D Cordura Ballistic Nylon. The mesh panels are made from what Klim calls Karbonite Mesh. It may as well be chain mail, but it is actually a fine cross pattern weave that easily allows air to pass through. The mesh is very tough and abrasion resistant—yet highly flexible and lightweight.

Stitching & Zippers

The stitching on the Induction is typical, clean, and very strong. All the zippers are smooth sliding YYK products. They’re used on the main zip, plus both hand pockets, the wrist pocket, and the interior chest pocket.

Inner chest pocket on Klim Induction Jacket

Mesh Lining

I typically wore a t-shirt under the Induction, and the soft, moisture-wicking mesh lining was very comfortable. The wrist cuffs and the collar have all been lined with very soft wicking material, similar to a microfiber. Even when the temperature climbed to 38 °C, I was happy to keep the zipper up to the top—and the collar never felt uncomfortable.


Klim includes D30 armor for the elbows and shoulders, and a huge spine protector. The armor is very flexible and moves very well with your body.

Inner lining of Klim Induction Jacket

Reflective Elements

Klim understands riding, and thoughtfully includes high reflective Scotchbrite panels for the Induction jacket. They blend nicely into the whole look, and perform as expected. I was very visible at night.

Overall I struggle to find any issues with the material and build of this jacket. If 500D Cordura is not enough, this jacket does come in a Pro version, which steps it up to 840D Cordura.

Tough Materials Stitched Flawlessly: 95%

Klim Induction Jacket Sizing, Fit, & Comfort

The nature of mesh makes for a relaxed type of fit. Klim provides cinch points on the forearms, wrists, and waist, and they provide the ability for fine-tuning.

Sizing Accuracy

I found the Klim size chart to be very accurate, and that combination of the correct size and the fine-tuning tabs made the jacket very comfortable. It also prevented it from flapping about at higher speeds.

Wrist closure for Klim Induction Jacket

Flexibility & Movement

I have found more than a few times that jackets with substantial armor don’t always allow unrestricted movement. I never found this an issue wearing the Induction. The armor flexes nicely and overall feels unobtrusive.

The wide stretch sections on the Induction jacket allow it to conform to your given measurements even if you’re carrying some extra weight, so don’t worry about the jacket fitting you too tightly if you size down.


The collar and wrists have a soft, moisture-wicking lining that worked very well and has so far shown zero signs of wear. Usually, I find these materials quickly begin to pill, especially around the neck, but Klim has found a very good fabric for this lining.

Author pointing to lining fabric in Klim Induction Jacket

Warm Weather Comfort

It needs to be mentioned that my entire purpose for getting this jacket was improving comfort during the hottest riding days. The Induction jacket was amazing in that respect.

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The air moves through the layers like they aren’t even there. The air over my skin felt great and allowed my body to regulate itself, and I avoided the direct UV rays on my skin. I cannot stress enough how good this felt, to know I was protected and I was staying comfortable.

Flawless Fit And Function: 95%

Klim Induction Jacket Protection

Armor going into pocket of Klim Induction Jacket

My brain knows that textile fabrics are very durable. I have read plenty of testing reports showing how well textiles can hold up during slide and abrasion tests. Usually, all of that is overridden in my head when I look at some textile jackets and almost always I am questioning the durability of mesh materials.

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Mesh Strength

I am very pleased to share that I have never once had a single concern over the materials in the Klim Induction jacket. Despite being able to see daylight through the mesh, when you actually touch it and give it a close look, it appears much more like miniature chainmail. It feels smooth and very strong. The Cordura feels strong, even the stretch elements feel like they will handle anything they have to slide against.

Armor Strength

CE level 1 armor is standard for the elbows, shoulders, and back. I am always pleased when the back protector is included. The armor itself is vented, very flexible, and removable. The elbow armor has some adjustments to get the fit just right.

Klim has endless experience protecting adventure riders and it shows. The Induction jacket has a CE AA rating certified to EN 17092-3.

Klim Quality With Great Armor 95%

Klim Induction Jacket Value for Money

Front of author riding in Klim Induction Jacket

I dislike parting with my money. I am frugal, but I am not cheap. When a product just cannot hide its high-quality nature, I have no issue paying a fair price. Now here is the question you need to ask yourself: how much would I wear a jacket dedicated to hot weather? I honestly thought I wouldn’t get that much use from the Induction. I was wrong.

I started wearing the Induction on almost every ride if the temperature was over 21 °C, but I know not everyone shares my thick skin honed by the Canadian winters. This jacket will now easily become one of my most worn, which makes the $380 price tag seem like very good value.

It will never be my only jacket, though. Just the nature of this design means I will always have to have other jackets for other conditions. There are no zip-in liners; this is a purpose-built item. Like most items built to achieve one goal, the Induction is brilliant for its intended purpose.

If you ride further South in traditionally warm climates, this jacket offers massive value. In my climate, that value rating changes from great to good. If you have a cooler weather piece of kit you love and some extra money in your budget, this version of the Induction jacket is a good buy.

Great Value From Klim: 90%

Final Verdict: I Really Like This Jacket

Back of author wearing Klim Induction Jacket

I am a firm believer in “all the gear all the time”. I am also more likely to become a hypocrite regarding my own beliefs when I am hot on a ride and desperate for some relief. Having a hot weather jacket was a game changer on those rides. My excuses have left the building. The Klim Induction jacket actually felt better than riding in just a shirt.

I felt safe. I felt comfortable. I loved the way I looked in the jacket. Not needing any sunscreen was a completely unexpected perk. I think the only drawback I have now is that I will need to purchase a second one. I may have raved on a little too much to my fiance, and now she has been looking at the ladies’ version of the Induction jacket (called the Avalon).

The Induction jacket will make a great addition to those who already have a great jacket for normal and cooler days. I rode it on a Honda Goldwing and a KTM Super Duke and loved it on both styles of bikes. This was my first experience with a Klim product, and I now understand why they have such a strong reputation. The Induction jacket is an excellent warm weather piece of gear.


  • Manufacturer: Klim
  • Price: $379.95 USD
  • Made In: Vietnam
  • Sizes Available: XS-4XL
  • Review Period: Summer 2022

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