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Klim Has New Frameless Goggles For Improved FOV

Klim Edge Goggle

Frameless Goggles For Any Occasion

Goggles see a few different uses in the motorcycle world; cafe riders use them with their open-face helmets, ADV riders use them with their aggressive offroad-touring helmets, and dirtbike riders use them to keep quarter-sized chunks of dirt from smacking them in the eyes. At the end of the day, they exist to protect your eyes, but are you trading safety for another threat?

Depending on the size and shape of your goggles, they can actually limit your field of vision. Openings of helmets can be small at times, and you need a pair of goggles that can fit in there and possibly further hamper your field of view thanks to the inclusion of another frame that will be added to the bulk of the helmet opening.

Klim has taken this problem and tackled it head-on with their new Edge Goggle; a goggle option that completely ditches the frame philosophy and focuses on anti-fogging and comfort.

These goggles feature a new technology that allows the lens to be secured to the inner foam thanks to magnets within the goggle construction. This means that the lens will go edge to edge, without having a plastic frame or border adding to the bulk of the goggle.

Klim Edge Goggle 1

The Edge Goggle is also fully compatible with eyeglasses, so you won’t be sacrificing what form of vision-benefiting tech for another.

ADV riders can find themselves in a multitude of different riding temperatures, and they will get added benefits from these goggles thanks to KLIM going the extra mile to ensure that they fog as little as possible through proper ventilation.

The Edge goggles and replacement lenses are available from KLIM and other authorized retailers and start at $149.99.

Klim Edge Goggle