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Kiwi electric motorbikes boost range

New Zealand electric motorcycle company UBCO has launched their 2021 models with an off-road 2X2 Work Bike and a 2X2 Adventure Bike.

Spokeswoman Kat Sutherland says the fifth-generation bikes are tougher with improved torque, power, traction and a third more range at top speed.

“These GenX5 bikes have been in development for over 18 months,” she says.

“The bikes were well underway before the NZ Defence Force began trials of their bikes this year. “The trial is still ongoing but going well by all accounts.

The UBCO Story from UBCO Ltd on Vimeo.

“They are looking at the bikes for reconnaissance and surveillance.”

Meanwhile, the 2021 models boast improvements including a 10% increase in motor efficiency as well as 23% more battery capacity for a 33% increase in range at top speed.

Along with of improvements to the control and handling, the bike and battery are  designed for disassembly,  improving the sustainability of the electric utility vehicles.

UBCO 2X2s have been used for a number of applications from food delivery (eg: Domino’s) to tourism (eg: Motubikes) to military (eg: NZDF) as well as on farms, for recreation and commuting.

“We now have the world’s toughest utility bikes,” says UBCO CEO Timothy Allan. “Our bikes are what we like to call all-terrain, all-utility, and all-performance.

“Over the past two years plus, our product development and international supply chain team have made huge improvements to the performance, durability, security, and intelligence of our bikes. Now the rider experience is next level,” he says.

The 2X2 Work Bike is “all black” with lever guards and off-road tyres.

The 2X2 Adventure Bike comes in traditional UBCO white and can be fitted with the UBCO telematics platform, allowing full fleet management and connectivity.  This includes vehicle diagnostics, predictive maintenance, fleet monitoring and more.
UBCO have also introduced the stand-alone KXH Power Supply, available in three capacities.

By mixing and matching bike and power supply they have effectively launched six new models, allowing customers to mix and match to suit their needs.

The bikes have a top speed of 50km/h (limited to 45km/h in Europe) and weigh as little as 64kg (depending on the model).
=Range is around 130km between charges.

The bikes are on sale in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Europe and the UK.