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Kirsh helmet claimed world’s safest

Kirsh motorcycle helmet
Kirsh helmet

An American inventor has developed a motorcycle helmet using silicone to reduce impact and has claimed his Kirsh helmet is the safest in the world.

Jason Kirshon, who rides a Harley-Davidson Softail Rocker, says most helmets are too big, too heavy, or don’t offer enough protection.

Jason Kirsh with his Rocker
Jason Kirsh with his Rocker

So he set about constructing his own helmet in his kitchen to produce his patented prototype.

In testing, he says the lightweight silicone liner helps reduce impact by up to 60% over standard helmets that use polystyrene or polypropylene “EPS” foam.

“We’ve surpassed all of the industry standards on testing so we’re far and away the safest helmet that you can possibly wear,” he says.

Jason presents his Kirsh helmets
Jason presents his Kirsh helmets

Jason calls the helmet Kirsh because of his surname and says it also stands for Kinetic Impact Reactive Safety Helmet.

Kirsh helmets will be American made and on the market in March in the US.

There is no word yet on price or whether they will be exported to other countries.

Currently, their official website is blank, but it should be live soon if they are to start selling in March.

Jason wearing the prototype Kirsh helmet
Jason wearing the prototype

So far, we have only seen the helmet in a half helmet design like the prototype, which is not the safest design, according to these statistics.

However, the lining could conceivably be used in any style of helmet, and not just motorcycles. In fact, Jason has been in touch with the American National Football League who have shown interest.

  1. Silicon rubber is hardly a light material, he must be using small amounts if he claims conventional helmets are heavy.

  2. If he really thinks that tiny thing is the safest helmet available, the bloke is a goose. Most of his head is still exposed.

    1. The science and testing don’t lie. These are exponentially more effective than anything on the market. That “tiny thing” has outperformed everything that is currently on the market by large margins. However, they will be available in 3/4 and full helmet versions shortly. Initial product launch is focusing on 1/2 shells b/c they are both inherently dangerous and yet super popular in the US. The goal here is actually to save lives / prevent serious injury.

      NOTHING on the market compares to this. Take a deeper dive, I think you’ll be amazed by what you find. We certainly were.

  3. The science here is no joke and these helmets have surpassed ALL existing technologies in DOT and industry impact / torque testing. The advancement is in reducing rotational kinetics, which is what tends to kill you. Moreover, the focus on the half-shell helmet is EXACTLY due to the fact that they are so popular in the US but provide hardly any protection (people continue to buy them and pay good money for them… why not make them safe?).

    1. How much were you paid to post this B.S. comment? They have not produced a single helmet. I ordered one in 2017 and still can’t get a ship date. Won’t refund my money also.

  4. How bout I road test one? Love to check this out!!! Best wishes on your awesome technology!! Looks good. -Marc

  5. good morning Jason, I would like to buy one of your helmets, i like he visor like what you have in the picture, and can you tell me what size should i get, I wear a 7 5/8 hat size. I haven’t bought a helmet in many years, i have always wanted to get a “Brain Bucket” but have held off because they don’t meet safety standards.

  6. Would possibly be a great helmet if ever produced. Preorders date back a year and no helmet produced. Kirsh helmets are vague as to when will be in production and always have an excuse for delays even though initial time frame given was 4-6 weeks when order was placed. A year later and still no helmet. Check the comments on their Facebook page and you will find a lot of people have waited over a year after ordering and still haven’t received a helmet

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