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Kawasaki Will Add Six Bikes to its Lineup on November 23

kawasaki teaser 2021

Some Great Additions, We Expect

Recently Kawasaki updated its 2021 lineup, but the company left off six motorcycles that it still plans to release for the 2021 model year. Kawasaki just sent out a teaser of the six new models. These models will help fill some holes in the company’s lineup. 

According to the video that was posted to Kawasaki’s YouTube page, there are three track-oriented bikes, one trail-specific, one dual-sport or adventure machine, and another.

One bike that will for sure be revealed is the ZX-10R. There could also be a ZX-10RR. There have been rumors for the 10RR. The third track motorcycle could be a new version of the H2 or it might be on the complete other end of the spectrum. It’s unclear.

The off-road bike and dual-sport models teased could be updated version of the KLX250, but that’s another one that’s not totally clear. There could also be a revival of the KLR650, which I would really love to see.

It’s not totally clear what will come from Kawasaki, but the company will show us its hand on November 23, so you don’t have to wait too long.