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Kawasaki Releases a New Teaser of Upcoming Z Supercharged Bike

Kawasaki supercharged teaser

The Ultimate Z?

Kawasaki recently shared a new teaser of its upcoming Z model. This comes on the heels of a previous teaser that first let us know that the bike existed. Now, you get a bit more about this bike. The bike will officially unveil on October 23 of this year. It will indeed be a supercharged naked bike. It’ll be a Z-H2. Get ready.

In the video below, you’ll get a look at front of the bike with two headlights that work with Kawasaki’s Sugomi aesthetic. This is true of all of the Z motorcycles. Also, there’s a quick peek at the TFT panel. It’s a quick look, but you can make out that there is cruise control, electronic traction control, and ABS. You also get a brief glimpse of a massive air vent and some green trim.

With the October 23 reveal date, it would makes sense for Kawasaki to debut the bike at the Tokyo Motor Show. In terms of technical specs, I don’t have anything just yet, but you can expect the engine specs to be similar to the H2 Ninja. 

I’m really excited to see this bike debut. It should be the pinnacle of the lineup and will likely just be an expansion of it and not eliminate any other bikes. I’d love to see Kawasaki keep putting out supercharged bikes, and hopefully, this is just the beginning of what is going to be a long run of supercharged motorcycles.