A New Supercharged Kawasaki Is in the Works

Kawasaki Supercharged motorcycle teaser

Supercharge All the Things!

I love superchargers. I love them on cars and motorcycles. I love the look and sound and result of a supercharger, so more supercharged motorcycles from Kawasaki is just the kind of thing that will get me fired up in the morning.

Recently Kawasaki released a teaser video on its YouTube channel that announces a new supercharged bike to come. The video doesn’t show much but it does show the well-known Z logo over an animation of a supercharger.

This all points to a naked bike with a supercharger on it. In other words, it’s very likely that Kawasaki has a Z1000 H2 in the works. Get ready for another Z model, and also get your pocketbook ready. Kawasaki doesn’t have much info out on this bike at this time. All of the other information that is given away in the video is in the title, which reads: “Supercharged Breaking News: More Kawasaki major news arrives soon – Feel the Force!”

That sounds wonderful, it but doesn’t tell me much of anything about the bike. RideApart notes that the motorcycle could be built on the current H2 chassis. However, there’s also the possibility that the bike will get its own unique chassis. Whatever the case, you can expect it to be fast. 


  1. Falcn
    September 17, 2019

    As yeaaaah. A Z with a supercharger will be a classic. I hope they keep this up down the displacement line to the smaller stuff too and not just the 1000+ engines.

    Ninja 400SC anyone? With Ohlins and Brembo icing and ? on top.

    • September 18, 2019

      I like where you’re head’s at. A Ninja 400SC would be in my garage.

    • darren-p
      September 18, 2019

      count me in

      but that’s gonna cost

      probably be able to find a nice rgv250 and vfr400 for the same price

  2. Bud Carrigan
    September 25, 2019

    Too bad the ergonomics are modeled after a typical Japanese rider. 6′ and over need not consider.

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