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Kawasaki recall over H2 SX gear wear

Kawasaki H2 SX SE supercharged tourer centre
Kawasaki H2 SX SE supercharged tourer

Kawasaki Australia have recalled their supercharged Ninja H2 SX motorcycles over an issue that could cause abnromal wear on the gears.

Models recalled are the 2018 H2 SX and the 2019 and 2020 H2 SX SE+. Vehicle identification numbers of the 103 affected vehicles are included at the end of this article.

The official recall notice issued through Australian Competition and Consumer Commission blames the Engine Control Unit (ECU) programming for the issue.

It says the ECU may not control the gear shifting process properly when the transmission gears are not properly engaged.

“This may result in abnormal wear or damage to the gears, resulting in difficulty or failure to change gears,” it says.

“If there is a failure to change gears while riding, this could increase the risk of an accident and injury or death to rider(s) and other road users.”

Owners of affected motorcycles are asked to contact their nearest Kawasaki dealer to arrange an inspection and free repair of the vehicle.

It is the second recall for the H2 SX after a centre stand issue in 2018 and it is the third Australian recall for the Japanese manufacturer this year.Kawasaki H2 SX SE supercharged tourer


Even though manufacturers and importers usually contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle and scooter recalls as a service to all riders.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

VINs of affected bikes

ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB18JA000089
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB14JA000090
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB16JA000091
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB18JA000092
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB1XJA000093
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB11JA000094
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB13JA000095
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB15JA000096
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB17JA000097
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB19JA000098
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB10JA000099
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB13JA000100
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB15JA000101
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB17JA000102
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB19JA000103
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB10JA000104
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB12JA000105
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB14JA000106
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB16JA000107
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB18JA000108
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB1XJA000109
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB16JA000110
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB18JA000111
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB1XJA000112
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB11JA000113
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB19JA000134
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB10JA000135
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB12JA000136
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB14JA000137
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB16JA000138
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB13JA000159
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB1XJA000160
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB11JA000161
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB13JA000162
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB15JA000163
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB19JA000179
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB15JA000180
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB17JA000181
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB19JA000182
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB10JA000183
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB15JA000194
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB17JA000195
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB19JA000196
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB10JA000197
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB12JA000198
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB17JA000214
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB19JA000215
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB10JA000216
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB12JA000217
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB14JA000218
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB1XJA000398
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB11JA000399
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB14JA000400
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB16JA000401
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB18JA000402
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB15JA000437
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB17JA000438
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB19JA000439
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB15JA000440
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB17JA000441
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB10JA000457
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB12JA000458
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB14JA000459
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB10JA000460
ZX1002B 2018 JKBZXVB12JA000461
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD1XKA000013
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD11KA000014
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD13KA000015
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD15KA000016
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD17KA000017
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD19KA000018
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD10KA000019
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD17KA000020
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD12KA000023
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD14KA000024
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD16KA000025
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD18KA000026
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD1XKA000075
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD11KA000076
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD16KA000087
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD18KA000088
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD12KA000099
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD13KA000158
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD15KA000159
ZX1002D 2019 JKBZXVD11KA000160
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD14LA003006
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD16LA003007
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD18LA003008
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD1XLA003009
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD16LA003010
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD1XLA003012
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD11LA003013
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD13LA003014
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD15LA003015
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD17LA003016
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD19LA003017
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD10LA003018
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD12LA003019
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD16LA003069
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD12LA003070
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD14LA003071
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD16LA003072
ZX1002D 2020 JKBZXVD18LA003073