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Kawasaki Patents Predictive Electronic ABS and Stability Control

kawasaki patent

Automatically Adjusting Systems on Your Bike

Kawasaki wants to have a system that can predictively adjust the settings and systems on your bike. It patented some technology recently that would use data collected from cameras, lasers, satellite navigation, and sensors to make adjustments to your motorcycle, according to MoreBikes.

The cameras are looking at the road itself and the lines on the road. The lasers are used to measure distances from objects and other cars. All that information is then cross-referenced with satellite navigation and the information from the sensors about the rider’s position etc. From there, the motorcycle will adjust ABS and stability control (and maybe other things down the line) so that you can get the most out of the machine. 

This sounds extremely complicated to me, but I do think something like this is likely the future for motorcycles as autonomous cars come into the mix more. The bike would be able to essentially predict corners and adjust the bike to make them better, smoother, and faster. I see this as something that could work on a racetrack or another controlled environment, but it’s a long way off from being applicable on the road. It will be interesting to see where Kawasaki takes this technology.