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Kawasaki recalls Ninja300 & Z800

Australia’s most popular-selling bike, the Kawasaki Ninja 300, has been recalled for brake and stalling problems. (Read my review here.)
The worldwide safety recall over brakes states that a “foreign particle” may become trapped in the inlet or outlet valve causing the anti-lock brake system (ABS) to fail.
While riders should only be activating ABS in emergency situations and as a safety net and not activating it every time they apply the brakes, it is still a concern and should be fixed straight away.
The recall affects Ninja 300 bikes with ABS sold from October 9 last year to yesterday (August 13) and the brake problem also affects the ABS version of the Z800 sold over the same period.
The worldwide recall over the stalling issue states that the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) may cause the vehicle to unexpectedly stall. It affects bikes sold from September 12 to yesterday.
Kawasaki Australia spokesman Rudi Baker says there have been “a minimal number” of potential issues with the Ninja 300 ECU reported and “no potential issues” in regards to the ABS unit on the Ninja 300 or Z800 has been reported.
“Kawasaki Motors Australia has not had any incidents relating to units affected by the product safety recall reported to them,” he says.
“As per legal requirements, all customers with affected product are being contacted directly by Kawasaki Motors and all affected units will be repaired at no cost to the customer by our trained and competent dealer network.”
Since October, more than 3000 Ninja 300 bikes have been sold, making it the most popular model in Australia. Not all of these Ninjas have ABS, but the Z800 only comes as an ABS model.
If owners have not yet been contacted, they should take their bike to their local Kawasaki dealership and book it in to be checked and repaired if necessary.