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Kawasaki EU Celebrates Golden Jubilee of Z Line with Special Edition Models

A view of the new 50th anniversary Kawasaki Z-line (Z650 and Z900)

“Happy 50th” To Include Limited Edition Z900 & Z650 

A happy Semi-Centennial anniversary to Kawasaki’s Z Line!

Since the line’s founding in 1972 with the Z1 (apparently code-named “New York steak” when in the prototype test phase), the Kawasaki Z-line has offered the moto-minded masses exactly what they want. TotalMotorcycles tells us that “motorcycles wearing the Z designation have revolutionised their respective eras and blasted a path to the future.”

“Combining astonishing performance with advanced technologies and design, the Kawasaki Z bikes have had a major impact on the history of high-performance motorcycles.”

z line anniversary Kawasaki

Noteworthy classic babes from this lineup include the Z1300, Z1000 and Z800 – three purdy machines with a penchant for punchy power and a generous amount of torque, although the podium today is taken by Kawi’s highly popular Z900 and Z650. 

We’re told by a report from VisorDown that “it is the 1980s Z1100GP and iconic GPZ900R that lends its inspiration for these latest editions, with the Z900 and Z650, plus their RS counterparts, available in Firecracker Red and Candy Diamond Brown, which were the firm’s signature colours back in the day.”

A view of the new 50th anniversary Kawasaki Z-line (Z650 and Z900)

In terms of aesthetics, these bikes will purportedly boast a shiny black frame and gold fork tubing, with the ‘Firecracker Red’ in particular showing off blue and silver accents (“plus the Z emblem and Kawasaki logo…finished in gold”). 

Tie these two pretty packages up in “red wheels, silver pinstripes, special seat leather and a commemorative Z 50th logo on the front fender,” and you’re ready to take to the topography. 

z50 Z650

Here’s a list of what you can expect to fork over for each of these special editions, all available just in time for spring, with a March debut. 

Kawasaki Z900

‘Firecracker Red’

£9,799 ($13260.99 USD)

Kawasaki Z900RS

‘Candy Diamond Brown’

£11,449 ($15493.93 USD)

z50 Z650

Kawasaki Z650

‘Firecracker Red’

£7,349 ($9945.40 USD)

Kawasaki Z650RS

‘Candy Diamond Brown’

£8,049 ($10892.71 USD)

A view of the new 50th anniversary Kawasaki Z-line (Z650 and Z900)

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*All media sourced from AutoBala*
*All media not called out in the article is sourced from Kawi’s official website and Visordown*