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Joe Rocket Atomic 2.0 Motorcycle Gloves

Joe Rocket Atomic 2.0 Motorcycle Gloves

Joe Rocket Atomic 2.0 Motorcycle Gloves
Motorcycle Gloves Review Summary
Review Summary
It’s interesting to note that the list price of the Joe Rocket Atomic 2.0 gloves is $10.00 less than the Joe Rocket Phoenix 3.0 gloves.

We’re not sure where the Atomic line fits in the Joe Rocket line, but you’d think that for 10 bucks less you’d get less leather and comfort, but you’d be wrong.

In fact, we found the Atomic gloves to be more comfortable and cooler than the more expensive Phoenix gloves, which is puzzling.

Since the Atomic gloves have been in the Joe Rocket lineup longer, it makes us wonder if they’re cutting too many corners lately with their redesigned products.

Not that the Atomic gloves are perfect by any means, but we liked them enough to rate them as our #2 pick after the REV’IT! Monster gloves.

This supports our claim that too many synthetic materials can sometimes make for a cheaper-feeling glove.

The Joe Rocket Atomic 2.0 gloves use 65% genuine leather, 15% synthetic leather, 10% Nylon, 5% grain leather (?) and 5% “rubber badge”, whatever that is.

Joe Rocket Atomic 2.0 Gloves - Knuckle Close-up


The entire palm and fingers of the Atomic gloves are apparently made from a seamless (but thin) piece of leather, and this immediately gives the gloves a better internal feel, without all the seams and threads and whatever junks up the inside of the Phoenix gloves.

The material used on the back of the gloves is very stretchy, which allows the gloves to spread with the rider’s hand.

The backs of the fingers are also made from leather and they’re heavily perforated, which gives the Atomic gloves about the best air flow in this group.

There’s not quite as much synthetic leather used on the palms on the wear points under the knuckles and along the thumb, which probably adds to the comfort level but possibly at the expense of longevity.

“Chamude” brand synthetic leather used in the Atomic gloves, which is claimed to feel exactly like leather but with better abrasion resistance.

There’s a strange-feeling piece of rough material just over the wrist, which we assume has been added for abrasion resistance. Joe Rocket’s marketing materials claim that Schoeller Metallic Kevlar is used in the Atomic gloves, and this small wear patch may be it.

The extra section of synthetic leather at the tops of the palms tends to bunch up with a firm grip on the handlebars, which detracts from their otherwise comfortable feel.

The cuffs on the Atomic gloves are very similar but no better than those found on the Phoenix gloves. The stretchy material is also the Aeroprene brand of neoprene, but the cuffs have the same type of too-small strap and what seems like not enough hook-and-loop to last for more than a few dozen attachments.

Joe Rocket Atomic 2.0 Gloves - Palms

Joe Rocket Atomic 2.0 Gloves - Cuff


All of the summer motorcycle gloves we’ve reviewed in this group have compromises, and although the Joe Rocket Atomic 2.0 gloves are far from perfect, they’re among the best of the bunch in our opinion, especially when price is taken into account.

Whether or not they would protect better or worse than any of the other gloves is the question. We place these second after the REV’IT! Monster gloves.

wBW Review: Joe Rocket Atomic 2.0 Gloves
Manufacturer: Joe Rocket
List Price (2007): $39.99
Made In: China
Colors: Black w/Blue, Black, Red, Yellow.
Sizes: S to XXL
Review Date: May 2007
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From “T.M.” (3/09):  “I bought a size M but it was just too small, I did try them out on a 100 mile trip in (Kentucky). It was miserable — not only were the gloves too small (I almost always wear that size), there is a piece of leather in the palm area right where the fingers on the gloves end. This pinches my palm when I ride.

At about 75 miles of my trip my hands were so stressed I wasn’t sure if I could continue. Luckily I had my Held Freezer gloves (review), even though the temp was over 70 degrees and my hands got very hot it made the trip much more pleasant.

(The Joe Rocket Atomic) gloves were a good price but …. well I got what I paid for. I spoke to the place where I got them online and they said in essence sorry about your luck. I’ll never deal with them again. I am considering calling “Joe Rocket”.

These gloves must run small — I would suggest you get at least a size larger than normal. Beware of the palm of the glove, it does hurt after an extended ride.”

From “D.R.”:  “I have a pair in blue XXL that I bought just over 1yr and 8,000 miles ago. I love them enough that I bought 2 more pair for when these run out.

I wore them through most of the winter here in North GA with some Underarmour glove liners (anything above 50 degrees when the sun was out and 60 degrees at night). They show very little wear, the Velcro is holding up just fine.

I did pull the seam away from the cuff a little on one glove, but changing how I pull them on stopped any further damage. I would buy them again for 50% more in price now that I know how comfortable they are.”