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Jazzy Protector to save rider’s groin

Triumph castrater groin

Have you ever hit a big bump that hammers your groin on to the fuel tank, sending tears streaming down your face?

Old Triumph motorcycles used to have a luggage rack on the tank (pictured above) that many called “the castrater” for obvious reasons!

Thankfully modern bikes don’t have such dangerous tank attachments, but they can still cause pain for riders if they hit a bump and land on the tank.

Now a Brooklyn inventor has come up with the “Jazzy Protector” which he says will save the family jewels.

“I ride a motorcycle and thought there could be a better way to protect the groin area when hitting potholes or riding on rough roads,” he tells Pittsburgh company InventHelp which protects the intellectual property of inventors.

“My design could help to prevent unwanted discomfort and injuries,” the unnamed inventor says.

The invention is patent pending and there are few details provided by InventHelp.

We asked them to put us in touch with the inventor to find out more but they have so far failed to reply.

Protecting your groin

All they say is that the invention “provides an effective way to protect a motorcyclist’s groin if he or she slides forward unexpectedly”.

“In doing so, it prevents the rider from contacting the motorcycle’s gas tank,” InventHelp says.

“As a result, it enhances comfort and it provides added protection and peace of mind.

“The invention features a durable design that is easy to apply and use so it is ideal for motorcycle owners. Additionally, it is producible in design variations.”

That doesn’t really tell us anything.

We still don’t know if it is something that you stick down your trousers like a cricket “box” or hockey “cup”, or whether it is something you attach to the motorcycle tank or seat.

The original design was submitted to the Manhattan sales office of InventHelp and is available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers.