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Japan Post Will Use Honda Electric Scooters

Benly-e electric scooter for Japan Post

The Electric Revolution Continues

Honda has a unique electric scooter called the Benly-E. That scooter plans to make its way into the Japan market but now According to Japan Times, there will be more of these out there than originally thought. Japan Post announced it will introduce the Benly-E electric scooters for delivery service. 

The aim here is to reduce the Post’s need for gasoline-powered vehicles. Two hundred of the e-scooters will begin making deliveries by the end of March. By the end of this fiscal year, Japan Post plans to add 2,000 more to the fleet, depending on the results of the first 200 scooters.

Honda has two different models for Japan Post to use. The first has a range of 87 km per charge. The second will go only 43 km per charge. Recharging delays will be avoided by using replaceable batteries. All a rider will need to do is pull into a station where they can replace the battery.

By 2021 Japan Post homes that 20 percent of its deliveries in Tokyo will be made by these e-scooters. The company has over 85,000 delivery bikes across Japan, so this is a very big move indeed. It will be interesting to see how this goes in 2020.