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Jacket becomes motorcycle cover

Jacket becomes motorcycle coverJacket becomes motorcycle cover

This Astric Sports motorcycle jacket that converts to a bike cover is one of many weird and wonderful motorcycle accessories we’ve seen over the years.

The people at Astric Sports, Hong Kong, tell us they are working on a final prototype, so they don’t have full details yet.

However, they did supply the photo at the top of this article.

The jacket features a Japanese-made, Grade 5 water-resistant rain cover stored in the “compression bag” at the back.

While that might be handy for people who want to cover their bike and don’t have anywhere to store their jacket, it’s not very secure.

We’ve seen people leave their jackets on their parked bikes before, but surely this is an open invitation for thieves to take their jacket.

Bomber jacket

The Astric motorcycle jacket is a bomber-style jacket made of 65% nylon and 35% polyester with a 100% polyester lining and Brazilian cotton quilted.

So it’s not abrasion-resistant! There is also no mention of any armour.

So it’s not really a motorcycle jacket, but the sort of thing you see scooter riders wearing in Asia.

Astric Sports say they will launch a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign in January 2018.

We think we might sit this one out.