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Is a Yamaha XSR 300 a Possibility?

yamaha xsr

A Modern Classic 300 Would Fit Well

Yamaha’s XSR line of bikes has two models. There’s a 700 and there’s a 900. Now new rumors have surfaced that indicate the company may be looking to put out a 300 version of the bike, and it makes a lot of sense. iMotorcycle was one of the first outlets to report on the rumor. Let’s take a look at why this bike makes sense and could happen.

When it comes to the segment of motorcycles Yamaha calls Sport Heritage, the small bike there is the V-Star 250. That bike has been out for a long time now. It’s a 250cc cruiser motorcycle. One of the few 250cc beginner cruisers out there with a V-twin engine. The bike is well-liked and a worthy machine of the price tag that Yamaha has on it, but it is dated. How long it will survive without some kind of update like Honda did with the Rebel?

Well, an XSR 300 could be the answer. Instead of revamping the V-Star 250, the company could just use the MT-03 base and create an XSR 300. The company would get its Sport Heritage bike that’s smaller displacement and good for beginner riders. It would also pad out the XSR lineup, giving the company a more robust lineup overall. It sounds like a good move. Yamaha has not said anything officially, so it will be interesting to see what happens with this in the future.