Is a New Suzuki Burgman Coming This Year for 2020?

Suzuki Burgman

A New Maxi Scooter Sounds Like It’s On Its Way for 2020

Suzuki’s Burgman scooter is a ride that’s well-loved by those who like maxi scooters. That is scooters with higher displacement engines that can be used for everything from getting groceries to touring the countryside. The Burgman is one of the big players in this space, and now it sounds like Suzuki will update it for 2020. 

According to MoreBikes, rumors of a new Burgman for 2020 have swirled lightly around. Now, it seems these plans are getting to be a little more than just whispers. The looming Euro 5 emissions regulations would likely force the Burgman in its current form out. That leaves Suzuki with a decision to make about what it wants to do with the model in the upcoming years.

MoreBikes reports that the scooter will likely receive notable updates or a full redesign for the lower displacement versions first. Suzuki sells a 150cc in India and 125cc and 250cc versions in Europe. The U.S. gets three levels: a 200cc, 399cc, and a 638cc. The publication notes that it has heard nothing about the higher displacement versions of the bike, but that the engine will have to at least be reworked to comply with emissions standards.

If Suzuki is going to tinker with the engines on the Burgman, then it might as well update the styling which is quickly aging. I would love to see a new Burgman. I’ve never ridden one, but I’ve heard good things. It would be interesting to see a new version of it come out later this year as MoreBikes suspects. 


  1. James Atkins
    November 18, 2019

    you have told us nothing!

    • November 18, 2019

      Hey James, I reported on the rumors. Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there about the bike beyond that at this time.

  2. Pat Lane
    April 15, 2020

    OK… Now it’s April 2020… Surely there has to be a new one out with details etc??? I’m just waiting for my local Suzuki dealer to open so I can pay cash and ride it home!! But still lacking any info from any and all sources I can find on the internet. Any guidance on this? Thanks

  3. Darrell
    July 31, 2020

    I would LOVE for Suzuki to bring back the Burgman 650. My one and only suggestion for improvement would be for better suspension. I do lots of cross country interstate on mine, and those highways can really be miserable, what with their potholes and expansion joints etc. Otherwise, the Burgman is just an amazing bike.

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