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Is A Motorcycle Better Than a Car for A College Student?


(Contributed article for our North American college readers)

College is already expensive and stressful as it is, so deciding how to commute from home to school and work doesn’t have to add to that stress.

Despite being considered by many to be dangerous and perhaps socially unacceptable, a motorcycle makes total sense for a college student. It’s not only cheap to buy but also to maintain and insure. A motorcycle can take the stress out of being stuck in traffic and running late for classes. It also makes you look cool.

However, many people still argue whether a motorcycle is the best mode of transportation for college students. So we’ve decided to address some common factors that come into play when selecting a convenient mode of transportation to see if a motorcycle is convenient. Let’s look at them. 


Academic excellence is important. As a high school or college student, you can’t afford to miss school because of an accident. Regardless of the subject or topics, you have to finish an essay paper and submit it in time to get your grades, so an accident or illness will only delay you.  Having a motorcycle in college means putting your safety first every time. Safety is one of the downsides of motorcycles.  

Unlike cars that are designed with safety in mind, motorcycles leave students exposed to open roads and any oncoming collisions. Don’t fret if you can’t finish your essay paper on time. You can use free college easy samples found at to save time. So, if you want to ride to school safe and submit your free essay sample papers and get those nice grades you desire, invest in proper riding gear from helmet to riding gloves. Even though you have no control over the drivers who ride on the same road with you, you can take caution when riding to reduce your chance of avoiding collisions or injury.

Cost: Good bikes for college students are Affordable

Before you can run to purchase a car or motorcycle for college, you need to understand their cost.  You can get a second-hand car at a fair price from different dealerships, but when you factor in insurance, fuel, and maintenance, you’ll find out that a car is very expensive.

Considering you’re a student and you might not have enough money to even cater to your needs, buying a car may be a mistake. Conversely, having a motorcycle in college is convenient because it’s nowhere as expensive as vehicles.

For example, a 2016 Honda CBR 300R costs only $4,500 or less; this is definitely within the range of some college students.  But if you know bike repair and maintenance, you can buy a used bike for $800 or less and repair it. Within no time, you will be riding a motorcycle to school.

I understand there are real financial hardships in this era; that why you see a question like this one “how to afford a motorcycle while in college?” popping up on Reddit. The reality is you can easily afford a motorcycle while in college by taking a part-time job after school hours and save for the bike.

Fuel Efficiency: Bikes for college students are Fuel Efficient

Most bikes for college students are much more fuel-efficient than cars. Compared to cars, motorcycles tend to get more mileage because of their smaller size and better aerodynamics. The 2016 Honda CBR 300R has an estimated fuel efficiency of 71 miles per gallon, but the best bikes for college students range between 31 to 40 miles per gallon.

Motorcycles give you better gas mileage than you would have in Honda Accord and make you look way cooler than you would have in a Mustang Shelby. If you’re concerned about fuel efficiency, whether it’s for financial or environmental reasons, getting good bikes for college is your best choice.


Motorcycle insurance is much cheaper than that of a car.  It can cost you at least $150 for minimal motorcycle coverage for an entire year and about $300 to $350 for full coverage.  This is quite cheap compared to car insurance that can cost $230 per month or about $2,700 per year.

Convenience: Bikes for college students Are Convenient

Locating a suitable parking spot for your motorcycle is so easy. Motorcycles don’t occupy a lot of packing space. Besides, most parking lots are conveniently located throughout academic institutions and have defined sections reserved for motorcycles.  Therefore, you can easily find a parking spot, and you won’t have to walk for long to reach your classes.

While motorbikes insurance is commonly less expensive, in general, they can be progressively costly as far as safety is a concern. In the event that there is an accident between a motorcycle and a car, the individual riding the motorbike is multiple times bound to be harmed. So to be safe, owning a vehicle to bike should always be the first choice. Don’t worry about the car insurance expense. There are different car insurance options available online that you can choose as per your budget.


We hope this information has provided you with all the information needed to make the right decision. The best bike for college and high school students will serve all your personal transportation needs and save you money.