Is a Honda X-ADV 300 Coming?

2018 Honda X-ADV
Image from Honda

A Smaller Displacement Adventure Scooter Could be Coming

Rumors are spreading about Honda putting together an X-ADV 300. That would mean there could be a smaller displacement adventure scooter soon on the market. According to MoreBikes, the new model could be based on the Forza 300. 

At the moment, the current X-ADV isn’t sold in the U.S. That could change in the future. From some searching around on the Web, it’s clear to me that people are interested in it. Whether or not it would sell is another matter. With that said, the U.S. motorcycle market is shifting away from big cruisers and going towards smaller and more accessible bikes. An adventure scooter makes a lot of sense. 

The X-ADV 300, if it’s based on the Forza scooter could be a cool and unique bike for the  U.S. market. Honda already sells the Forza here. While it’s not making the company money hand over fist on it, it’s a darn good-looking scooter. I think an adventure version of it could be a smart move.

With that said, MoreBikes is a U.K. publication. According to the publication, the X-ADV scooter sells well there. The rumor reported on stemmed from Japan, but there’s not much info to go on. If Honda made the X-ADV 300, it would likely hit Asian and European markets first and then come to the U.S. if at all.

If the bike were based on the Forza scooter, that means it would come with a 279cc liquid-cooled single cylinder and a CVT. That’s a lot smaller than the current X-ADV’s mill, which is a healthy 745cc parallel-twin engine. If the rumored X-ADV 300 has anywhere near the off-road specs the current X-ADV does, it could be a fun little bike to go exploring on. 

While I know a fair number of motorcyclists who wouldn’t be caught dead on a scooter, I think I’d consider a twist-n-go adventure machine. Not saying I’d prefer it, but I wish it were an option here in the U.S.