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Introducing Our Newest Affiliate Partner,

Hi everyone, has recently partnered with 2Wheel is now one of our affiliate partners, joining Amazon and RevZilla. In the interests of transparency, I’d like to outline our relationship with 2Wheel so that you are aware of the scope of our affiliation with them.

First, What is an “Affiliate Relationship”?

Simply put, when you purchase an item from 2Wheel (or RevZilla/Amazon) via one of the links on our website, we may receive a commission.

Our affiliate partners allow us to make money, invest in working with talented reviewers, purchase gear for review (we buy a lot of gear), and run the site in general. Without them there would be no WBW.

Who is 2Wheel?

In the world of online powersports, 2Wheel views themselves as an up and coming underdog. Competition is good, and having a stateside alternative to RevZilla with comparable shipping, return, and exchange policies is good for all of us. lists the top reasons to shop with them here: Why Buy from 2Wheel.

Prior to entering into an affiliate relationship, we ghost shopped them and reviewed the experience. You can read that review here.

2Wheel is making some changes to their website/experience, some of which is inspired by the feedback Brandon gave them. These include:

  • Some verbiage changes, such as renaming product categories (V-Twin to Cruiser) to make it a bit easier to navigate
  • An updated design (launching April 2019) that also features an improved search experience)
  • Decreasing website load time, making it load even faster
2Wheel's New Website Design
A Sneak Peak of 2Wheel’s New Design (Launching in April)

We are always looking to work with companies that value feedback and implement change in order to provide a better service or product.

Why Did We Enter Into an Affiliate Relationship With 2Wheel?

The biggest challenge that we face is getting our hands on gear to test. We work with numerous brands, distributors, and retailers to make that happen. 2Wheel feels partnerships are important to the industry and has offered to provide gear for our reviewers to test.

What Does This Mean For You, The Reader, and WBW as a Whole?

Outside of us having a steady stream of gear to test and talk about, not much. We will continue to monetize WBW as we have done: honestly and openly, with transparency around our relationships and revenue streams.

What will not change is our focus on editorial integrity. We do not change our opinions on gear because it was provided to us, and we do not and will not ever accept compensation in exchange for a positive review. 2Wheel, or any of our other partners, does not have the ability to influence our views on a particular piece of gear.

We’re excited to work with them, as it means more hands-on product reviews to come! Our goal is to test 100 pieces of gear this year, and partners like 2Wheel are part of how we are going to accomplish that.

Thanks for reading!