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Indian Motorcycle Sneaks a First Look at the Indian Challenger Into an Image

Indian Challenger image

You’re Sneaky, Indian

I can’t claim credit for having spotted this. The guys over at Canada Moto Guide managed to notice that when Indian launched its 2020 Scout lineup it left a good Easter egg in one of the pictures. It is the Indian Challenger, and it looks really friggin cool from what I can see.

In case you didn’t know the Indian Challenger was coming, the name surfaced in Indian trademark paperwork near the beginning of 2019. I reported on it then, and looking back was expecting it to take longer to get to this point. The bike was then spotted out testing and then it leaked from a dealer meeting.

In the photo, you’ll see that the Scout Bobber Twenty is displayed in the foreground. Behind it is a touring machine with a full fairing. That is the Challenger if the leak and spy shots are any indications of what the motorcycle will look like. Thank those lovely Canadians at Canada Moto Guide. Without them, this one would have slipped right past me.

According to RideApart, this picture wasn’t actually included in the North American press package. After looking back through, the publication is right. It’s unclear if this was a flub-up by Indian, or if they were purposefully being sneaky and giving those fellas north of the border a peek at the Challenger’s goods. Either way, we got to see it so, that’s all good. I can’t wait for the reveal of this bike.