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Increase Your Sportbike’s Downforce With Rizoma’s Stealth Mirrors


Sleek and Slippery

In my opinion, one of the coolest parts of Kawasaki’s H2R is the winglets that are located where the mirrors typically are. Since the H2R isn’t a “street-legal” motorcycle, the Japanese brand opted for winglets (often found on MotoGP bikes) to produce downforce; because going forwards faster is more important than looking backward. What if you could take this technology/aesthetic and translate it to your street-legal sportbike, without having to sacrifice the utility of having mirrors?


This is where Rizoma’s Stealth Mirrors come into play. This new product is aimed at deleting your stock mirrors so you can enjoy a more refined look to your motorcycle, while also boosting performance on the track when mirrors are not needed. These winglets actually flip-up (from the aerodynamic position) to reveal your mirrors that are hidden below the wing. Not only do these make your mirrors look awesome when they are indeed deployed, but when the mirrors are hidden and you are utilizing the downforce producing qualities of MotoGP-inspired winglets, the results can be surprising.

At 130 km/h these winglets provide a total of 0.8kg of downforce to the front of the bike. If you are riding a bolt of lightning and manage to crack the 300 km/h mark, you’ll be looking at an astounding 4.3 kg of extra weight added to the front of your bike to add stability at high speeds.

Since many modern motorcycles have the signals integrated into the rear-view mirrors, you might need to purchase an aftermarket set of blinkers (or Rizoma’s own turn signals).

The Stealth Mirror is available for the heavy price of $469 USD.