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Impulse LED Jackets

Impulse LED Brake Light/Turn Signal Jacket

Impulse LED Jackets
LED Jackets Review Summary
Review Summary

October 17, 2013 – Here’s a quick video only of the Impulse LED jacket.

This is a new company that coincidentally is located not far from the AIMExpo show in Orlando.

So they decided to come over and show their new jackets, which are in the final prototype stages.

The jackets are currently being made for them by Syed Leathers, also located in Orlando.

Impulse plans on adapting the LED brake light and turn signal technology to textile jackets also.

A controller is attached to the motorcyle brake light and turn signals, and the controller communicates with another controller in the jacket to activate the appropriate lights corresponding to braking and signaling.

The battery has a proximity setting that senses the arrival of the rider and arms the system and doesn’t waste the battery when the rider is off the bike. The proximity setting also lights up the jacket if the rider has become separated from the bike during a crash.

The LED strips can be programmed for a variety of lighting choices and a Police version with blue lights is also available (shown in the video). Obviously, if you’re riding with a passenger or large top box behind you, the lights may not be seen by vehicles behind you.

For more information, contact Impulse Jackets. (Note: As of October 2015, website is inoperative).

wBW Video: Impulse LED Jackets

Publication Date: October 16, 2013

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