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Icon Motorcycles to Breathe New Life Into the Triton Motorcycle

Icon Motorcycles Triton

An Old Idea for a New Age

Looking for a bike that will make your knees weak every time you look at it? Meet Icon Motorcycle’s new machine. The company wants to build a new version of the Triton motorcycles with replica Norton featherbed frames and modern 900cc engines. The Dutch company will build the Triton cafe racers by hand for private orders, according to Motorbike Writer.

The original Tritons were from the 1960s and 70s. The bikes were not factory motorcycles. They were built using the Norton featherbed frame and Triumph Bonneville engines. These new bikes from Icon Motorcycles won’t have the Triton name, but they will follow the same formula.

Icon Motorcycles Triton

“It’s a replica from the famous Norton ‘featherbed’ frame of the sixties,” said Wouter Pullens of Icon Motorcycles. The engine isn’t the most modern version from Triumph. It’s the air-cooled parallel-twin 900cc engine from the previous Thruxton motorcycle from Triumph. “Triumph engine is standard, not tweaked,” Pullens said.

The motorcycles still have to go through inspection and approval by the Dutch Government but other than that hurdle, the company is ready to start taking orders and should start making deliveries around July. Pullens said that they will ship bikes to every country.

There’s no word on price, and each model will be built to the customer’s specifications. With this in mind, you’re probably looking at a high price tag somewhere similar to a Norton machine, so expect high $20k or low $30k. That’s a lot of money, but these are beautiful hand-crafted machines.