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Honda Wants to Put a Rear-Facing Radar In Your Helmet

Honda radar helmet

Safety First

Radar and camera safety systems are quickly becoming a topic of discussion and patents for motorcycle riders. This technology has been employed on cars for quite some time now, and it’s making its way to bikes. Most motorcycle companies find ways to put the sensors and cameras on the motorcycle. Honda wants to do something different. Leave it to Honda to get weird with it. 

The company wants to add a radar system in the back of your helmet to alert you of possible rear-collision-type accidents. As RideApart notes, rear-collision accidents are one of the worst for riders. Getting hit from behind can cause serious damage. With more wearable tech coming to motorcycle gear, I think this could be a good idea.

It really depends on the execution. If it adds a lot of weight to the helmet, then I’m out. I don’t want my helmet to be heavy. Also, I would want to know how it’s going to alert you. Will it be some alert noise inside the helmet? Haptic feedback from the handlebars or the seat?

While adding this technology to the helmet interest me, I wonder which is better—having it on gear or the bike? On one hand, if it’s built into your gear you could enjoy the safety benefits no matter what bike you’re riding. On the other, it will make gear very expensive and probably a lot heavier. Time will tell how this one shakes out.