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Honda video celebrates history

Honda is renowned for its clever and entertaining videos celebrating their history and diversity of manufacturing and the latest is one of their best.

Motorcycles feature in the first 24 seconds of the two-minute video by stop-motion artist PES.

It is produced with paper cutouts manipulated by hand and shot with cameras one frame at a time for fluid motion.

A highlight is their Isle of Man TT wins from 1961-67. They also feature the VFR road bike with its advanced VTEC engine.

Then the video moves on to boats, cars, SUVs, planes, F1, the Asimo robot, returns to dirt bikes at 1:22, then planes and concludes with a suggestion they may even venture into space!

The video was made over four months by PES whose film Fresh Guacamole was the shortest film ever nominated for an Academy Award.

As clever as this new Honda video is, it’s not as entertaining as our favourite, The Impossible Dream.

Honda’s video ads celebrate their diversity of manufacturer that fosters technology sharing across the production line.

It has brought many innovations to motorcycles, including the variable valve engine in the VFR and the dual-clutch transmission which will be offered in the coming Africa Twin adventure bike.