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Honda UK Teamed Up With 5Four Motorcycles to Make Limited Edition CB1100 RS

Honda CB1100 RS 5Four

The Bikes That Honda Should be Building

It appears that Honda wanted to make some bikes that harkened back to the Honda CB750 four-cylinder that really changed the world. That’s why the company reached out to 5Four Motorcycles to have the company created a limited run of CB1100 RS motorcycles that have been reworked with retro style.

The CB1100 RS and crafted a true cafe racer out of it, using Showa suspension, front radial-mount four-piston brakes, and cast-aluminum wheels that measure 17-inches Guy Willison of 5Four Motorcycles decided to take the bike and go further with it.

The bike gets Renthal Ultra Low handlebars, Tomaselli racing grips, short racing brake levers, and billet mirrors, according to MoreBikes. The bike also gets a hand-stitched Alcantara and leather solo seat, a handcrafted fairing, and some Racefit Urban Growler exhausts. Willison said the following about the project:

So we’re making a strictly limited production run of 54 CB1100 RS 5Four motorcycles, each individually numbered. The number is etched subtly into the number 5 of the nickel plated 5Four badge which itself is inset into the tailpiece. And the paintwork had to hark back to the period in my youth when Honda dominated World Endurance Racing with their Red, White and Blue Works racers; there are no stickers or transfers – even the retro Honda logo and Wing are lovingly hand-painted.

The price for this bike is set at £15,554 (about $19,300). I have never been so jealous of a motorcycle that the USA won’t get. The bike looks like a true work of art, and I want one. This is the style of bike I’d love to see Honda do more of. I think they would sell a boatload of them.

  1. This is a nice looking bike. Something that I don’t understand about Honda though is that if they want to build a bike that reminds people of the CB750, then why don’t they just build a CB750? I realize that it’s tough to get air cooled engines to pass emissions regulations these days. But how hard would it really be for Honda, one of the most successful corporations in the world, to build a new, reasonably priced, air cooled CB750 that looks like the original 1969 bike with modern fuel injection, suspension components, and brakes?

    Triumph seems to do pretty well with the idea, except for punching the Bonneville out to 1200cc and turning them into tractors in recent years. I actualy see a lot of them on the road.

    Seriously, Honda… My first bike was a 1975 CB200. I would REALLY love to own a CB750, old or new. Stop building uninspiring bikes and weird stuff like NC700s and that awful VFR1200. Build me a new school/old school CB750. Oh yeah, and leave the fancy traction control, 15 ride modes, TFT display, and heavy DCT out. I LIKE TO SHIFT. I only need one ride mode. Give me the best the bike will do at ALL times, and I’ll let my throttle control skills handle the rest like we used to do. Adding all the bells and whistles just makes the bike cost more. If you can’t ride the bike without them, you just can’t ride.

    Do you think you can do that Honda?

    1. Definitely could be a cool bike if Honda produced it. I would probably buy one if they built the bike like you wanted. Of course, we could also just buy old Honda CB750s haha. Fuel injection would be nice, though.

  2. can i have parts to self build my honda to this model ? Where can i bye parts for that ?

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