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Honda Issues Updates for Gold Wing

2018 Honda Gold Wing
Image from Honda

Techy Updates Keep the Wing Current

With Honda’s Gold Wing being so new, you wouldn’t expect many new updates coming in 2019 or for the 2020 model year, and you’d be right. However, according to a recent press releaseHonda will issue updates to the Gold Wing’s onboard computer system that will help the models stay up to date. 

Honda’s Gold Wing comes equipped with a smart, onboard computer system. This makes adding updates to things like the navigation system easy. The company will do just that for the 2018 and 2019 Gold Wings. Honda issued a couple of updates for the model.

Keeping Customers Happy

Honda Completes Second Scheduled Gold Wing Navigation Update
Image from Honda

The first was the addition of iPhone X communications software improvements, allowing iPhone users with the latest phone to more easily connect with the bike’s onboard system. Honda also improved the Sirius XM radio system, which means that fewer riders will have issues getting the songs and shows they like in areas with a low signal.

Honda has updates that will fix some issues Gold Wing owners complained about. The updates can be download from Honda’s website onto a USB. From there, the owners can install them on their bikes. This update will fix a daylight savings issue that some owners experienced and allow certain features to still be accessible to the rider once the engine is shut off. 

The navigation updates included with the changes outlined above include the ability to set 99 different waypoints along each specific route. This can be a real help on longer trips, as it allows you to set all your stops ahead of time.

Honda includes step-by-step instructions for all owners, and the updates should be easy to perform on your own without going into the dealership. It’s important to note that owners of the previous generation Gold Wing can get updates for their Garmin navigation system. However, those owners will need to purchase them from Honda instead of just going on to the company’s website to download them.