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Honda Could be Planning a V4 Superbike

honda V4 superbike

It’s Just Rumors Right Now

Honda could be working on a new V4 Superbike, according to the Japanese publication Young Machine. This new literbike could come out in the next couple of years and it would bring MotoGP technology to the street.

This might seem odd because Honda just released the CBR1000RR-R and is working on other high-spec versions of its sportbikes, but Young Machine believes Honda has continued advancing it’s V4 designs since the RC213V-S came out in 2015. The publication also believes emissions play a role, and that Honda wants to build a V4 that will meet the new European emissions standards. Finally, the publication points to the fact that Ducati’s Panigale V4 gets most of the attention and Honda is all miffed about this. 

Those reasons make sense and a successor to the RC213V-S would be cool to see and on a whole other level from the CBR1000RR-R, but I’d say that Honda won’t come out with its next V4 Superbike for at least three to four years. I could be wrong, but I don’t see any reason for the company to rush it. Still, I’m excited about the possibility.

  1. Not the first Honda V4 rumor, probably won’t be the last. V4 bikes seem to be the category Honda has the most difficult time with since the final gear-driven cam VFR in 2000 and the final ST1300 in 2012. The V-Techs are love/hate, and the 1200 versions missed key specs for the roles they were intended for.

  2. If they’d bring back an updated VF500F, I’d buy one in a heartbeat. Bought one new in 1985, rode it for over 20 years, put over 70,000 km on it. Wore it out, the list of things needed to bring it back to top-shape was more than I could justify at the time, as I had bought a ’06 CBR600RR to do trackdays. The Mini-ceptor was not a horsepower monster, but very agile once you got used to the 16 inch front. The 600 spoiled me… fuel injection, wide selection of available radial tires and aftermarket suspension bits. But a new VF500F with all the latest gear… YES!!!

  3. No they aren’t.

    Seriously, I’ll believe it when I see it. This rumor is brought up every year and is older than the internet itself. Honda is perfectly happy putting inline 4 cylinder engines in their superbikes.

    Even if they did prove me wrong, I’m sure Honda would ensure that normal working people couldn’t afford them and/or would mess it up with some technology that nobody asked for like a Hondamatic/moonroof/sardine-pickling-device.

    And if they really really prove me wrong, they’ll neuter it to only make 50 horsepower and make it weigh 800 pounds.

    Honestly, I want to be wrong on all accounts. I just won’t be getting my hopes up.

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