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Honda Bulldog a novice adventurer

Honda Bulldog
It's not totally unique ... here's the Honda Bulldog

What do you think of this unsual-looking Honda Bulldog concept unveiled at the 31st Osaka Motorcycle Show in Japan over the weekend?

It looks like a two-wheeled version of a Jeep with its fat 15-inch knobby tyres, low 730mm seat, high exchaust pipe, twin headlights, massive tank and robust, military styling.

The Honda Bulldog is powered by a liquid-cooled four-stroke DOHC inline two-cylinder 400cc engine from the CB400, mated to a six-speed transmission.

It’s not exactly a competitor for the BMW GS series, but it could open up adventure travelling to novices or those who feel big adventure bikes are just too big and heavy.

There is no word on the weight of the Bulldog, but it looks fairly solid, especially viewed from the rear.

Honda Bulldog

The Bulldog seems to be designed for long-distance adventure touring with heaps of luggage racks on the back, sides and even above the headlight. They also double as crash protection and styling accents.

Like a bulldog, it’s ugly, but has a certain charm. Honda refers to it as a “Loveable Touring Partner” designed to go “beyond the boundaries of conventional leisure motorcycles, to actively enjoy outdoor life”.

It seems ready to take on some rugged country, although there are no details on suspension geometry for tackling the tough stuff. There are no other details, either such as power, torque, tank capacity or brakes, although they are single discs.

As a concept bike, Honda is testing the market to see what sort of interest it generates. However, Honda doesn’t tend to make production-ready concepts like this without the intention of going to market.

Just look at the Africa Twin concept it showed at EICMA in Milan last year. That bike will be production ready sometime this year.

If the Bulldog does go into production, it could find a market in our popular learner-approved motorcycle scheme.

Would you ride one?

  1. I really don’t think this is meant for off road adventure, any more than those
    low 4wd’s you see getting around .This is more a fashion statement “urban combat chic”
    more at home outside your inner city coffee shop

  2. Honda is onto something here. It’s like a baby bmw gs for people who want something rougher than a scooter but not a full fledged touring-adventure motorcycle. Love the storage space and easy-going “dont care for the bad boy HD biker look” pastel color scheme. It’s a way more utilitarian, lower maintenance, not as misbehaving, competitor to the Ducati Scrambler… ¡ gotta start saving! Guess they got one or two design cues from…

  3. I like the unusually first one picture from bulldog Honda motorcycle; )
    But I don’t know we have it in my country .???

  4. For off Road work the exhaust would have to be redesigned, and a skid plate fitted. A comfy solo seat, and good racking to carry your luggage is highly desirable.

  5. Something I couldn’t find in the info on this bike so far, what is the total weight?

  6. As was said in earlier comments, a bike that I could ride anywhere, its not huge. As an older person who is just getting into riding motorcycles this seems close to the mark. And it also looks Ok.

  7. Note, I live in Australia, and this bike would be “perfect” for our conditions here and with a 400cc engine you can cover the tarmac at an acceptable speed and with a low centre of gravity ( thanks to the 15 inch wheels ) and low set height
    Would I buy one? answer is YES

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