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HJC Has Massive Discounts on Off-Road Helmets Right Now at 2Wheel

Up to 78% Off

Off-roading requires a seriously comfortable and durable helmet that’s going to provide you with all the airflow and protection you need. HJC makes some of the best off-road and on-road helmets out there. Right now the off-road helmets are marked down considerably at the retailer 2Wheel. I’m not talking a wimpy 10 percent off of something like that. Some are more than half off or even more than three-quarters off the listing price.

HJC CL-X7 Zilla Helmet

HJC CL-X7 Zilla Helmet

Regular price: $149.99 Sale Price: $76.86 (49%)

The HJC CL X7 Zilla helmet offers an advanced polycarbonate composite shell,14 intake and four exhaust vents, aSuperCool moisture-wicking interior, a unique fully adjustable visor, and a large eye port for adding goggles. There’s also a breath box that you can add to this helmet. The CL X7 Zilla comes in with a huge 49 percent markdown, which takes about $73 off the initial listing price.

HJC FG-X Legendary Lucha Helmet

HJC FG-X Legendary Lucha Helmet

Regular price: $199.99, Sale Price: $101.86 (49% off)

The HJC FG-X Legendary Lucha Helmet comes with an advanced fiberglass composite shell, multiple density EPS liner, full front to back airflow thanks to several intake and exhaust vents, a large eye port for maximum visibility and easy addition of goggles, and fully removable and washable moisture-wicking interior. This helmet comes with a big old 49 percent drop in price, too, bringing it down around $101.

HJC RPHA X Factor Helmet

HJC RPHA Factor Helmet

Regular price: $359.99 Sale Price: $77.50 (78% off)

If you’re looking for a truly amazing deal, the HJC RPHA X Factor Helmet is the lid you need to buy right now. This killer helmet comes with carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass and organic non-woven fabric materials giving it a seriously durable quality. On top of all that, the full front to back airflow and removable interior makes it very comfortable. The best part, though, is that this helmet is 78 percent off, bringing the price down from roughly $360 to just about $77. Talk about a good deal.

HJC CL-X7 El Lobo Helmet

CL X7 Lobo helmet

Regular price: $149.99, Sale Price: $76.86 (49% off)

Another cool version of the same HJC CL-X7 helmet is this one, the El Lobo. This helmet comes in at the same 49 percent off and it’s cool-looking graphics make it a true eye-catching site. When you compare it to the CL-X7 above, the helmet is the same from a contents standpoint. It’s still the same safe and durable product that the other ones on this list are. With such a high discount, it should be hard to overlook these helmets.

HJC CL-X7 Hero Helmet

HJC CL-X7 Hero Helmet

Regular price: $154.99 Sale Price: $114.36 (26% off)

Last, but certainly not least, we have the HJC CL-X7 Hero Helmet. Yes, the contents of this helmet might not be different from the models above, but the Hero graphics will certainly set you out from the pack when you’re making your way around the MX course or at an off-road park. If you want something with quality protection and a popular graphics package, then this Hero version of the HJC CL-X7 might be for you. At 26 percent off, it’s not as highly discounted as it’s siblings, but it’s still a good deal nonetheless.