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Here’s to Hoping the Ducati Electric Motorcycle Actually Looks This Good

Ducati Electric Motorcycle Rendering

This Rendering Looks Fantastic

Ducati’s CEO has said that his company is looking at developing an electric motorcycle, but at the time of that interview, the technology wasn’t quite there. Recently, the company announced it would partner with an electric scooter company to put out a Ducati-branded electric scooter. While it’s kind of a cool move, it was highly unfulfilling. 

This has spurred a rendering from the designer Aritra Das. electrek pointed out the innovative design after it surfaced on an Indian publication. The bike is called the Ducati Elettrico and it looks extremely similar to the Panigale superbike. If this is the route that Ducati actually chooses to go, I and several other people will be pretty excited about it.

The rendering looks great. It’s arguably a smoother and sleeker design than the current Panigale. The inner workings of an electric bike open up some possibilities when it comes to design. The bike can be made extremely aerodynamic and that could mean it would be exceptionally fast.

Ducati has not let any official info slip about the electric bike it’s currently likely developing. This is just a fan effort. With that said, it’s a darn good one, and one that I could see Ducati going after once the technology reaches the point that the company’s CEO is happy with it.