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Hepco & Becker Launch Accessories Line for KTM 790 Adventure

Hepco Becker accessories for KTM 790 adventure

Accessories for Luggage and Protection

The company Hepco & Becker has added a full-line of accessories to the market for the KTM 790 Adventure. The German company is one of the largest accessories manufacturers out there, and it’s nice to see it releasing a line for the popular adventure bike. Most of the accessories are centered around two things: luggage and protecting the bike.

The folks who own the KTM 790 Adventure take the bike off the nice paved streets and highways. Somethings things happen and that can result in costly repairs. With the right accessories, you can reduce your bike’s risk of sustaining serious damage when riding off-road.

Protective Accessories

When it comes to the accessories designed to protect your motorcycle, Hepco & Becker have a good list of equipment. The list includes engine guards, a headlight guard, handlebar guards, a side stand enlarger.

The most interesting piece of equipment here to me is the engine guard. It’s a no-drilling accessory that bolts right on the bike and adds protection to the engine and gas tank. If you’re riding off-road over logs and rocks, this kind of engine guard makes a lot of sense.

Luggage Accessories

In terms of luggage, there are some good options, too. The selection includes a fuel-cap mounted tank bag, pannier racks, a rear enlargement rack, a couple of rear tail bags, panniers, a few different unique Easyrack, a C-bow carrier, a rear aluminum rack, various dry bags, straps for bags, and locks for the bags.

The fuel-cap mounted tank bag is probably the most interesting piece of equipment here to me. It’s not revolutionary, but everyone’s first thought is some panniers when they think luggage, and it’s cool to see something a little different here. I’ll be interested to know what Jim thinks of Hepco & Becker’s lineup.