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Woljay Dual Sport Off-Road Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Review

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Continuing the legacy of providing efficient but at the same time financially feasible helmets to its customers, Woljay, has once again come up with a masterpiece. This time, apart from the mentioned qualities, the company has exclusively taken care of flexibility of look and comfort of the helmet.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a laid-back Harley Davidson kind or a super-enthusiastic Niki Lauda of two-wheelers kind, this head-shield can adjust to any look with just a few quick adjustments.

It’s a great amalgamation of style and safety in one product, apart from a lot of other features to begin with.

Top Features of the Woljay Dual Sport Off-Road Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

The helmet has one of the unique features which is rare in the general helmet market. Both the sun-visor and the face guard are detachable. They can be removed or incorporated as per the condition and preference of the ride.

However, this feature of flexibility restrains the design to accommodate a glass guard for eyes making it dependent on the users’ own goggles for protection against dirt during adverse situations.

Fashion aside, let’s look where this helmet stands with respect to various fundamental requirements of a standard helmet.

ABS Shell

The shell has been a result of immense scrutiny over the incorporation of strength as well as durability. The material used consists of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) for strength, with an addition of thermoplastic for durability.

It can be categorized under light helmets with weight around 1587 grams. Due to the detachability of the face guard, it makes it a bit weaker on the front end as compared to regular helmets but it still manages to tolerate a considerable amount of shock in case of a sudden impact.

Good Ventilation

The helmet comprises of air-intake and exhaust scoops. They are placed in a particular orientation that facilitates controlled air flow and eminent ventilation.

The airflow is directed in such a way that the breathing is not disturbed. Further, it also carries away the breathed out air along with it making it more comfortable and wearable for a long distance without any break.

You Get What They Claim – DOT Approved

“Who knows if the claims are true? Who knows if the shell is actually that strong to bear heavy shocks?”

With a purpose of ensuring customers a guaranteed quality, the helmet is examined and approved by the Department of Transportation, USA. DOT’s approval indicates that the product has gone through rigorous tests for the limit of parameters such as shock absorption, net strength, hardness etc.

Component Adjustability With Metallic Hooks

Two components of the vehicle, i.e., the sun visor and the face guard, are detachable. The mentioned components can be attached and removed according to the rider’s convenience and type of vehicle as and when possible.

Metallic hooks are used for the purpose of making components adjustable. These hooks are highly durable and resistant to rusting in various weather conditions and due to the presence of moisture.

Also, the frequent attachments and detachments of components have a very low impact on the tightness of hooks and it continues to remain sturdy.

Flexibility with a Great Sun Visor

It’s not just bikes we are looking at here – you could even meander through the city roads on a scooter wearing this.

It is perfect for a long comfortable ride on a laid-back cruiser for the purpose of touring. With the sun visor put on, you’re ready to tackle the whole day with sun over your head on a long drive.

Attach all the components and you’re safe to get on an All-terrain vehicle (ATV) and experience the adventure. The intact design prevents rapid motion of the helmet while riding the vehicle on a heavily rough terrain.

It also fits the role when a utility task vehicle (UTV) comes into play.

It is good to go with high speed. The vents and the intake-exhaust system make it stable and non-wiggly when the high-pressure wind goes in and around. This helps the rider to focus on the road, direction, and speed while riding the street bike.

It proves helpful and ideal for high altitude snow riding. Just like UTV, it could be donned while riding a snowmobile and works exactly the same way, as it holds firm while riding through a rough terrain.

Customer Reviews

Most of the customers are happy with the face guard and sun visor being detachable from the helmet.
Some of them are not happy with the absence of a glass to protect eyes. The extra pair of goggles purchased along with the helmet adds to the overall cost and makes it a bit costlier. But considering the price of Woljay products being low as compared to its counterparts such as 509, it is still a good deal to have it.

A few customers had a bit of an issue with the strap around the chin being a bit difficult to clock in in the blind condition as we cannot see it while wearing the helmet. Due to a very few numbers of customers experiencing this problem, we can fairly assume that it might be the case of a change in locking style of the strap from that of their previous helmet.


Woljay Dual Sport Off-Road Motorcycle Open Face Helmet is exemplary if you’re looking for a stylish multi-purpose helmet but financially feasible at the same time.

Apart from the unavailability of eye-guard and a few trivial limitations, it fulfills the entire range of expectations a versatile rider could have in mind.

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