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Helmet Horns and Spike Strips

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Ah, 2 of my most favorite helmet accessories. The Horns and the Spikes. One of the reasons that I like these so much is that they are easy to add to a motorcycle helmet. You can take a plain – boring old helmet and add a little badassery to it in under an hour. Like the Crystal Helmet Designs, the hardest part might just be choosing which set of horns you like the most. Here are a few options:

Helmet Spikes

Like shoes, leather, and jackets – you can spike up just about anything – including your helmet!


Black Aluminum Spike

Spikes Metal Screwback 1″ Long

Claw Spikes

Chrome Screw-on Spike

Chrome Screw-on Spike


Helmet Horns


How to add a spikes to your helmet

Some Spiked Helmet Inspiration