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Harley Oz recalls old Sportsters over brake issue

Check VINs for affected models

Harley-Davidson Australia has recalled their 2003-05 Sportster XL883R and XL1200R models over an issue with the front brakes.

It is their first recall notice issued for 2021.

The official government notice says the brake light may remain illuminated when the front brakes are not applied.

“If this occurs the traffic behind the vehicle will be unable to identify whether the motorcycle is actually braking,” the notice says.

“This may lead to an accident causing injury or death to the rider and/or passenger and/or other road users.”

Owners of the 74 affected motorcycles whose VINs are listed below should contact their nearest Harley-Davidson Australia dealer immediately and arrange an appointment to have the master cylinder rebuilt free of charge.

Here is the VIN list of affected bikes:

5HD1CLP104K406566 5HD1CLP144K406411 5HD1CLP185K421995
5HD1CLP104K421035 5HD1CLP144K424665 5HD1CLP194K400880
5HD1CLP104K425005 5HD1CLP145K410542 5HD1CLP194K419185
5HD1CLP104K426624 5HD1CLP145K412422 5HD1CLP194K422507
5HD1CLP104K429944 5HD1CLP154K406773 5HD1CLP1X4K412309
5HD1CLP104K439678 5HD1CLP154K418518 5HD1CLP1X4K413444
5HD1CLP105K400185 5HD1CLP154K424447 5HD1CLP1X4K422368
5HD1CLP114K407838 5HD1CLP154K448022 5HD1CLP1X4K442202
5HD1CLP114K420444 5HD1CLP155K400196 5HD1CLP1X5K414238
5HD1CLP114K426678 5HD1CLP155K410212 5HD1CLP124K400302
5HD1CLP114K441522 5HD1CLP164K400268 5HD1CLP144K400236
5HD1CLP115K404312 5HD1CLP164K401288 5HD1CLP104K429300
5HD1CLP115K417061 5HD1CLP164K413196 5HD1CLP114K439575
5HD1CLP124K426771 5HD1CLP164K414655 5HD1CLP154K405395
5HD1CLP124K429895 5HD1CLP164K434033 5HD1CLP154K440860
5HD1CLP125K402911 5HD1CLP164K440706 5HD1CLP165K403673
5HD1CLP134K400292 5HD1CLP165K409540 5HD1CLP165K409859
5HD1CLP134K417500 5HD1CLP165K410400 5HD1CLP194K430056
5HD1CLP134K424401 5HD1CLP174K413501 5HD1CLP1X5K442315
5HD1CLP134K432742 5HD1CLP174K426734
5HD1CLP134K439402 5HD1CLP174K429987
5HD1CLP135K400164 5HD1CLP174K430086
5HD1CLP135K411410 5HD1CLP174K440570
5HD1CLP135K411665 5HD1CLP175K458410
5HD1CLP135K415084 5HD1CLP184K407089
5HD1CLP135K441121 5HD1CLP184K407528
5HD1CLP144K406036 5HD1CLP184K413023



Even though manufacturers and importers usually contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle and scooter recalls as a service to all riders.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

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