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Me riding the LiveWire in the city.

Co-Written by Jim Pruner and Greg Phillips The First Electric Harley Davidson Was Born in 2019 If you can name a more controversial motorcycle than the Harley Davidson LiveWire I would be shocked. Mention it on any social media platform and prepare to read dozens of strong opinions with most of them being on the …

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2020 Model Year

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2020 Model Year

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Cruisers under $15,000

Ready to Cruise Around? Cruisers aren’t the massive sellers they used to be. However, manufacturers still sell a lot of them, which is why the cruiser style is still a big part of the industry. A lot of these machines are high-dollar bikes, but they don’t have to be. You can get a wonderful cruiser …

harley-davidson patent

More Power Better Emissions Variable valve timing is nothing new, but now Harley-Davidson will use it on an upcoming engine. The company recently filed a patent on a new V-Twin engine and it has VVT. The patent was spotted by Motorcycle.com, and as the publication states, it was really a patent for a modular engine …

2020 Has Not Been a Good Year Few people are having a good year in 2020, and if you’re a part of Harley-Davidson, things are about to get worse. The company announced that it will be cutting 700 jobs around the world. Two hundred of those 500 were unfilled positions, though, so it’s more like …


Mexican Border to Canadian Border Nobody doubted the Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire to perform, but a lot of people think the range is too short for the bike’s high price tag and everyone says there’s not enough fast-charging infrastructure to support electric motorcycles nationwide. One man decided to see what it was like to take his LiveWire …



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