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Harley Creates a New eBike Brand Called Serial 1 Cycle Company

Serial 1 ebike

Bicycles from The Motor Company

It’s no secret that Harley-Davidson has invested heavily into electric two-wheelers, but I didn’t expect the company to come out with a new brand for its electric bicycles. The new brand is called the Serial 1 Cycle Company. This name comes from Harley’s first motorcycle, the Serial Number One.

This is part of the Rewire plan, according to Cycle World. It will let Harleyfocus on its core products and profitable niches while also allowing for some innovative products like ebikes from brands outside the Harley name. Harley stated that Serial 1 will begin selling bikes in spring 2021.

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Serial 1

“Harley-Davidson worked real hard to simplify its business and focus on the core business building electric and internal combustion motorcycles. I think it’s really good. It allows Harley-Davidson to have a role in the ebike space without it being a drag on their business building motorcycles, and it allows us a lot of advantages because we’re able to move a lot more quickly as a smaller, more focused company,” Aaron Frank brand director for Serial 1 told Cycle Volta. “And we’re also really able to serve ebicycle consumers better because our only obligation is to the ebicycle consumer and building bicycle product for that market.”

Serial 1 is working on solidifying its internal team and then it will work towards bringing the bikes to market. The bikes will be sold directly to consumers through Serial 1’s website as well as through select Harley-Davidson dealers. Customers will be able to demo the bikes at those dealerships.