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Greens view motorcycles as important

Australian Greens candidate Rebecca Galdies

The Australia Greens believe motorcycles and scooters are an important part of creating a better transport mix that will ease congestion and reduce pollution.

Motorbike Writer has been asking all the major and most minor parties to provide their motorcycle-specific or motorcycle-related policies in the 2016 Federal election.

Australian Greens transport spokesperson Senator Janet Rice responded saying they see riders as an important solution to traffic problems, but also understand their vulnerability.

“People on motorcycles are many times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than other road users, so we must do everything we can to improve their safety,” Senator Rice says.

“This includes ensuring up-to-date safety standards and educating all road users about keeping motorcycle and scooter riders safe on our roads.”

The short statement was the only “policy” provided in reply to our request and we couldn’t find anything on their website about transport, road safety or motorcycles.

Australian Greens candidate Wendy Tubman - motorcycles important
Australian Greens candidate Wendy Tubman

However, a spokesperson did point out that several Greens candidates ride motorcycles and scooters including (but not limited to) Jim Casey (candidate for Grayndler, NSW), Wendy Tubman (candidate for Herbert, QLD), Rebecca Galdies (candidate for Sturt, SA) and Terry Morgan (candidate for Macquarie, NSW).

We invite them to supply more motorcycle-specific policy statements, as we do all other candidates who ride.


  • Motorbike Writer does not endorse any one party or candidate.
  • We have contacted all the major and many of the minor parties asking them for their polices that affect the more than one million motorcycle riders in Australia.
  • We have asked for policies that reference motorcycles, riders, road safety, road rules and road infrastructure.
  • We have also asked whether any of their members or candidates are riders.
  • If or when we receive responses, we will publish them for our readers’ information.
  1. I would like to see someone from one of the parties address the inequity in the road rules and penalties as they are applied to all modes of transport. an example of this is how a car a truck and a bike will all receive the same fine for running a red light or exceeding the limit yet they do not pose an equal danger.
    Also road rules should be uniform throughout the country yet some states seem to forget that Australia is supposed to subscribe to international standards and therefore uniform rules.

    1. If a pedestrian gets hit by a truck they will be very dead
      A car just dead and a motorcycle only slightly dead.
      I love your logic .

      1. A truck can take out a bus load of pedestrians or more
        A car can kill several people and maim many more
        A bike will most likely injury one or two and only the unluckiest will be killed
        An idiot can kill thousands just by not thinking before acting.
        The logic is based on potential to cause the most harm not any harm.

        1. Yes and going through a red light is probably about the most
          dangerous and stupid thing you can do with any vehicle
          ‘Bus load of pedestrians’?

          1. They wait at bus stops to become passengers but until they board they are pedestrians.
            Google dashcam pedestrians and see the carnage.

  2. Greens huh? Really?

    As they show themselves over and over again to be the most intrusive nanny-staters in the country,
    go ahead and support Greens if you really want mandatory hi-viz and any amount of useless,
    enjoyment-thwarting regulation in very short order. Not during the campaign, but once they’re in
    a position to inflict it. For your own good, of course.

    1. Well, it was the greens and only the greens that took the then state government and the opposition to task over the introduction of the VLAD type laws that Dr Naptime forced through parliament. Would much prefer a nanny to a fascist pig.

  3. Wendy Tubman (in the photograph) doesn’t appear to take motorcycle safety very seriously at all. Tee-shirt, no gloves, bare ankles, inappropriate footwear and what appears to be an ill-fitting helmet! It’s funny how scooter riders think they aren’t going to be subjected to the same sort of injuries as riders of other motorcycles.

  4. It is refreshing to see political parties including us in their transport planning. Well overdue.

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