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Gogoro More Than Doubled Its Electric Scooter Sales in 2019


Electric Scooters Picking Up Speed

Electric scooters haven’t seemed like a massive seller, but Gogoro appears the be killing it when it comes to sales. The company announced that it more than doubled its sales in its home market. It’s now Taiwan’s second-largest motorcycle brand behind Kymco, according to RideApart.

Gogoro managed to sell 145,000 units, which accounted for 16 percent of the Taiwanese market in 2019. That’s a 105 percent increase from the company’s sales in 2018. The company also hit a monthly best, selling 22,750 scooters in a single month. That number was 21.3 percent of the overall motorcycle sales in Taiwan.

It’s important to note that this isn’t just a look at electric scooters and motorcycles. It includes gasoline-powered bikes too. If you look at just the electric two-wheeled market, you’re going to see that Gogoro makes up more than 86 percent of the market share. 

A big part of the company’s success is its 1,575 charging stations around the island that customers can use. The company said there are 270,000 active users. All of these are promising things for the company, and we’d expect Gogoro to see continued success in 2020.