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Kymco Surprises With a Electric Motorcycle Concept Called RevoNEX

Kymco Electric motorcycle RevoNEX

This Is a Real Teaser

Kymco is a company that makes fine products but they’re not the first one I’d point to in terms of innovative technology. That might be changing. The company recently dropped a teaser of its new electric motorcycle. Well, it’s a concept, but the thing looks pretty close to being done. It’s called the RevoNEX, and it looks really interesting.

While many of the details of the bike are still hidden, the teaser actually does a pretty good job of showing what the bike is all about. It features a naked sportbike design, a transmission with gears and a traditional clutch, an electric motor that sounds pretty crazy (if that’s the actual sound of it), several different ride modes (Assertive mode and bold mode, at least), navigation on the very large instrument display (looks like it’s a touchscreen), and some Brembo brakes. 

The performance numbers have not been announced and seeing as how this is a concept, I doubt they will be. If Kymco can make something competitive with the Harley LiveWire, Zero SR/F, and Energica’s line of bikes, it could gain some serious market share. Kymco often plays the budget card with its motorcycles, and I’m hoping when it puts out a production version of this bike, it’ll also be a bargain. If that’s the case, the company could have a real winner.