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Ghezzi-Brian Supertwin 1100

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What a motorcycle!  Here’s Larry Hubbard’s beautiful theme on the Moto Guzzi: a Ghezzi-Brian Supertwin 1100 motorcycle in all its glory! 

Larry writes:
“I personally own the first Supertwin the importer brought in and these are my thoughts on it.  The first thing you notice is quality of components, high end appointments in every detail and not just bolted on randomly.  The frame was engineered from a “pure” race effort which gives loads of feedback to the rider which promotes confidence as handling is superb.  The 1100cc V-twin engine fuel injection is tweaked to produce 94 horses and gobs of torque which makes this 420 lb. cycle accelerate like no other,  while the Ferrari paint and Tubi style (Ferrari) stainless steel upswept exhaust is beautiful “eye candy”.

Quality control is very high due to the small numbers made (8 per month worldwide) which is not one of Moto Guzzis ‘ forte’. I really enjoy my Supertwin and the envy I get from longing Ducati/Japanese owners, who insist their bikes are “one of a kind”.  I work very closely with the importer and he has brought in the only Ghezzi-Brian Furia into the states.  Needless to say he is cleaning out his garage to make room for his new love.  These bikes are superb-I don’t understand why the magazines haven’t given them their due.  Note: this bike is for sale, contact Larry at  Thanks, Larry, for sending these photos!

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  1. I have been a fan of Moto Guzzi, but I never quite pulled the trigger and bought one.
    The exclusivity of it all is appealing but not if there selling like the dickens. I say this in jest of course.
    The model Ghezzi Brian has been on my radar for 15 years or so. I have never seen one and probably never will. The Tuner now I guess partnered to some degree with the mother company is outstanding to hear. Alas I have a 2014 Hayabusa , the lust I had for that machine took hold of me the first year. I was 40 then and man that 20 years did indeed fly by. So still wanting one I was almost derailed by the evil empire we call “Insurence” I mean I’m 60 now , 58 when I got the bike but with one speeding ticket and granted 1 no fault accident on my record the quote almost gave me a coronary. Geico $3300.00 per year Progressive $ 3,600.00 apparently my brother and a few sister “ Busa” owners are actually drag racing these machines and wrecking them, I’m assuming. I was told it’s the most expensive to insure Motorcycle on Earth.. American Familiy to the rescue I pay now $1100.00 per year , with a $500 deduct. That’s not cheap either but I can justify it sort of.

    I really like the effort and style of this web publication its fun to check out and interesting as well. Kudos to you and your help.

    I probably am out of the demographic for the Hayabusa but what was I supposed to do wait until I’m 70.

    Best of Luck
    Dan Welper

    1. No disrespect intended, but I don’t understand the correlation between Huyabusa and Moto Guzzi.

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