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Get This 650 HP Suzuki Hayabusa

650hp Suzuki Hayabusa

Stupid Power

The Suzuki Hayabusa is known for being a super-fast machine, and one that some love and others don’t. The motorcycle you see above is one that’s hard not to like. It’s a World Land Speed Record holder. It was engineered by Mick Ellis of BDR Performance and it is for sale, according to Visordown.

The motorcycle did 264.1 mph in August 2014. The motorcycle was piloted by Mick Ellis’s wife, Becci Ellis. She became the fastest woman on a motorcycle. The record still stands today. Apparently, Ellis has decided to sell the bike. The price is £30,000 (about $36,800) or best offer. That sounds pretty reasonable for something so extreme that also has an impressive history.

At the heart of the motorcycle is the Busa’s original-generation engine with a Garrett GT35 turbocharger, 1000cc Bosch injectors, an undercut gearbox, Carrillo conrods, and low-compression pistons. It runs on 119 octane fuel. Yes, as the title of this article says, it makes 650 hp. 

If you’re interested in owning a piece of motorcycling history or want to take this bike drag racing or record-setting, then you can buy the bike. Check out Becci Ellis’s Facebook post to see the details and how to buy it.