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Get a Greenger Electric Motorcycle for Your Kid


Have a Little Kid? Get Them Riding

The best way to get your child riding at a young age is to get them on an off-road bike. There are all kinds of small dirtbikes available that are designed for kiddos, but the new trend is electric bikes. Greenger, a California-based electric motorcycle company is selling a killer little electric dirt bike. The company has the G12-R and G12-S for sale now.

The two little bikes are essentially the same, with the S getting some upgrades over the R. The S has a top speed of 28 mph and the R has a top speed of 26 mph. Both machines get a Panasonic 48-volt 13Ah lithium-ion battery that provides enough juice for 25 miles of riding on a single charge. 

The G12-R has a super reasonable price tag of $1,599 and the G12-S goes for a little more at $1,699. Greenger also has other products on its website including full-size motorcycles and portable power stations. I only see the G12 kid-focused dirt bikes as products you can buy right now, but if the company can bring those other products to market, we could have a serious contender in the electric bike market on our hands.