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Funny ad for motorcycle insurance

Funny ad for motorcycle insurance

Now that budget online motorcycle insurer Insure My Ride* has closed, Swann Motorcycle Insurance is ramping up its motorcycle insurance with this funny ad.

It shows a rider on a Triumph America setting off on an errand to pick up milk and toilet paper.

Like so many riders, he doesn’t go to the nearest store, but extends his ride into the sunset.

The funny advertising campaign is called “Inconvenient stores”.

Swann Insurance has set up four country convenience stores to offer free milk, toilet paper and chocolate to riders.Funny ad for motorcycle insurance

The four stores are located at Glenlyon in Victoria, Dandabah Village in Queensland’s Bunya Mountains, Berry on the NSW south coast and Bourke in remote outback NSW.

They will stock milk, toilet paper and chocolate branded “Inconvenient” that will be available free for riders while stocks last.  

Each product contains a code and instructions on how to claim 10% off Swann motorcycle insurance.

Motorbike Writer has published a couple of advice articles on motorcycle insurance: Top 10 tips and How to save.

Campaign kickstarts

Melbourne celebrity chef Scott Picket will ride from Epping to the Glenlyon store to launch the product range tomorrow (September 9, 2017).

Funny ad for motorcycle insurance
Scott PIckett

The other stores will open in Berry, Dandabah and Bourke on each following Saturday with yet-to-be-confirmed celebrity riders.

The TV ad campaign is live on Fox Sports and Channel 10/One and there will also be billboards challenging riders to go further.Funny ad for motorcycle insurance

* Insure My Ride closed earlier this year and advised that Shannons would contact them about five weeks before payment is due to offer continued insurance. Both companies are authorised representatives of AAI and part of the Suncorp Group.

Store details

Glenlyon General Store: 63 Barkly St, Glenlyon VIC 3461. Store opens: Saturday, September 9, until stocks last.

Little Rae: 1/65 Queen St, Berry NSW 2535. Opens September 16. 

The Bunyas General Store: Bunya Avenue, Dandabah Village QLD  4405. Opens September 23.

New Vogue Roadhouse: 87 Mitchell St, Bourke NSW 2840. Opens September 30.

  1. “Like so many riders, he doesn’t go to the nearest store, but extends his ride into the sunset.”

    That is so true and is something that non-motorcyclists just don’t ‘get’. I once rode 85km just to post a letter. The nearest post office was only 6km away.

  2. Yep well according to what you have written the third store should have opened last Saturday 16 September 2017. One would think the first store would still be going full on.
    I live an hours squirt in the country fro Glenlyon the first store to open and the one on the picture to advertise the promo .I could only get there last Sunday only to find nothing that’s it not a thing. The store owners told me they had run out of product aver a week ago , and there was no banner or anything.
    Now considering the cost of the add and how little it would cost to have a special run of date roll and milk ,I can only say this is such a hollow action by Swan . Then there is the store which got , no doubt , royalties from being in the promo .
    The store owners appeared completely disinterested in that the promo was on and could only say they had “run out” of product. Nothing was there to even suggest this was the location.
    Oh yes I found the store operators not very friendly and rather unhelpful , there was more friendliness from the guy with his two schnauzers outside the store.
    All a bit of an empty gesture I would say

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