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Full-face Hedon Heroine helmet arrives

Hedon Heroine full-face helmet

The Hedon Heroine helmet, the British helmet company’s first full-face model, is finally available in Australia.

Hedon helmets are distributed in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia by Perth company, The Design Collective.

Spokesman Chris Burke says Deus ex Machina in Sydney have a collection of Heroine helmets along with and

He says there will be additional stores following the upcoming launch at the Sydney Motorcycle Show (November 24-26, 2017).

We are excited to be able to represent such a uniquely designed handmade helmet with a true focus on comfort, safety and fine detail,” he says.

Hedon is one of several new helmet brands Australians we are now seeing on our shelves since the laws were changed to allow Euro-approved helmets to be sold and used here.

It is one of the more exclusive brands of helmet with the name derived from “headonism” or the relentless pursuit of pleasure.

Hedon was started in 2011 by designers Lindsay and Reginald in London. They use exotic materials blended with traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

Hedon Heroine Classic and Racer

Hedon Classic full-face helmet
Hedon Classic

The new Heroine is an example of this, featuring fine calf leather, brass fittings, Merlin anti-bacterial fabric lining and a lightweight shell made of carbonfibre and fibreglass.

Despite its modern construction, it is a retro 1960s style.

They come in two models, Classic and Racer.

The Classic has no visor, so you can wear them with goggles and/or snap-on visor accessories.

Hedon Heroine Racer full-face helmets
Hedon Heroine Racer

The Racer has a flat anti-fog visor in a choice of three colours that closes down outside a wide-aperture opening.

They both feature three-channel ventilation.

Prices for Hedon helmets vary. The Hedonist open face starts at $499 and the Epicurist open face is $585. The new Heroine Classic will be $849 and the Racer $1100. Those are about the same prices as in the UK.

They might seem expensive, but the superior quality is evident when you touch them.

I first saw their open-face helmets last year at the hipster Bike Shed in London’s now-trendy Shoreditch area.

Hedon helmets in the Bike Shed, London full-face
Hedon helmets in the Bike Shed, London

They feel light, yet sturdy, and the finish of the shell and lining are superb. Like no other helmet I have experienced.

They are extremely comfortable and quiet for an open-face helmet. It also has a low profile so you don’t look like Mr Potatohead.

Read our review of the Hedon Epicurist.

Hedon Australian pricing

  • Hedonist $499
  • Epicurist $585
  • Heroine Classic $849 
  • Heroine Racer $1100
  • Hedonist Shield or Bubble visor $79 
  • Epicurist visor $115 
  • Hannibal Mask $215