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Freedom Ride gathers rider support

Freedom Riders

More than 5000 riders are expected to attend the Last Stand Freedom Ride to Canberra to protest various state anti-association and consorting laws on December 1.

Anti-VLAD protesters at january 26 rally vlad laws
Anti-VLAD protesters at January 2014 rally in Roma St

Organiser Dale Maggs says support for the rally has gathered pace since last Friday’s High Court verdict to reject the application by the United Motorcycle Clubs to throw out Queensland’s draconian anti-bikies laws.

“I fully believe there has been a turnaround by many riders disenchanted by the rejection of the High Court and now many more will be travelling to Canberra to put a face to their anger,” says Dale, the media spokesperson for Freedom Riders Australia, member of the Independent Riders Group of Australia and East Malvern Motorcycle Club member.

For those who can’t make the long ride to Canberra, Dale says other states will be holding rallies at their state parliaments on December 7. He believes the Queensland Take Back Freedom Rally at 11am at the Roma St forum will be particularly well supported.

“There is a groundswell of support happening,” he says. “We’re hoping that December 1 will be a huge turnout and the nation’s media will look at all the people there and think there must be something in what they are saying; that these laws are wrong. It’s social profiling at its worst.”

Freedom ride
My Brother’s Keepers ring

He related the case of a friend who has been harassed after starting a Victorian branch of the internationally recognised My Brothers Keeper’s Motorcycle Club for firefighters whose stated purpose is to “support local and national charities, to promote safety, increase awareness of motorcycles, and improve the image of bikers”.

“He’s a 30-year veteran of the CFA (Country Fire Authority) and he had his house and car raided by the Victorian Embona Taskforce,” Dale says.

“He was harassed because he was seen on a couple of occasions going to other clubhouses. But he’d gone simply as a guest of these clubs to explain what their new chapter is all about. That’s just what you do socially as a courtesy to other clubs.

“The police weren’t sure if his club were outlaws, but it’s a world-renowned and well-respected firefighters’ club.

“The police threatened to take away his registered security guard licence, which would wreck his business and take away his capacity to earn a living.

“We need to change the perception by police and media that all riders are bad guys.”

Riders will next week begin converging on Canberra from around the country for the Last Stand Freedom Ride rally.

Dale says he received a call from the Queensland tactical response team inquiring about the riders leaving from Mackay. “They wanted to know what percentage of riders would be 1%ers, but we told them we’ve asked them to ride into Canberra separately and not put themselves in jeopardy of being arrested.”

On the Sunday before the rally, riders will attend a special “Last Stand” concert featuring The Giants.

Freedom ride
The Giants

Supporters will assemble the next morning at 10.30 outside the Alvio Tourist Park, Kunzel St, O’Connor, ACT, for the ride to Parliament House. Click here for the ride map.

The Last Stand Freedom Ride rally will begin with a welcome from elders of the Aboriginal Land Council, followed by seven speakers including victims of the laws, civil liberties leaders and politicians. Dale says speeches will last for about 40 minutes. He says applications have been made for the relevant permits for the rally.

On the Tuesday, Dale will present the original 13,700-odd signed anti-VLAD petition organised by to Anthony Byrne MP who will present it to parliament.

  1. You guys of anyone should be trying to stop the perception & educate people to the truth of these laws & Legioslations they are “ANTI-ASSOCIATION LAWS & LEGISLATIONS ” not Anti-Bikie ( cringe) Laws seriously help us to unite the people of Australi & stop alientating them & letting them continue the misconception of these Laws & Legislations.
    These Legislations the COCA – NSW & VLAD (QLD) & the COCA (NSW) we need to educate the mainstream public about how these laws can impact on their lives too …that the can & will effect them at some time … we need to include them … change these rallies to ” BAN THE ANTI -ASSOCIATION LAWS ” – “GIVE US BACK OUR FREEDOM TO ASSOCIATE ” we need to encompass everyone under this umbrella …
    Why is the insistance of labelling these laws & legislations ANTI- BIKIE … they are not … NB: We teach our children by way of repetition: so…. these are not ANTI-BIKIE LAWS …they are ANTI-FREE ASSOCIATION bills & legislations …. we will not be able to change & convert the perception that these laws can & will in fact in time effect EVERYONE … any Club, Organisation, Group, or Association … please can we raise awareness to the general Populace & drop this ANTI-BIKIE LAW tag given to these legislations .. they are ANTI-FREE ASSOCIATION & CONTROL ( being the operative word here) not anywhere in either legislations VLAD (QLD) & COCA (NSW) I have read does it specifically say MOTORCYCLE CLUB or RIDERS …. HOW CAN WE GAIN THE SUPPORT OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC !!!! when we disassociate ourselves from them by continuing to mislead them regards what these Legislations truely are … they are simply being used in a corrupt manner to target & use against the Clubs that the government deems OutLaws … everyone is at risk … we know this …so lets educate everyone to this fact …
    THESE LEGISLATIONS & LAWS are aimed at all groups … of more than 3, if presumed to be conducting unlawful acts….. Greg & I are Law Abiding citizens , who work, pay taxes, pay a mortgage & rates … this legislation has been corrupted to use as a means to target what the general population classify as a criminal element (i.e. MC CLUBS)… now in it’s context … if we are riding with our friends in a group of more than 3 bikes … which is the case more often than not … we can be STOPPED, SEARCHED, ARRESTED & CHARGED .. we then have to prove we were not performng any illegal activities in the course of our association at that time if we ARE NOT ABLE TO PROVE OUR INNOCENCE WE THEN FACE UP TO 25 years GAOL… BUT NOWHERE IN THIS LEGISLATION DOES IT CATEGORICALLY STATE MOTORCYCLE CLUBS or RIDERS …. it is being used in a corrupt manner to target MC Clubs at this time … but there are those who are knowledgable enough to comprehend the ramifications & see this can be turned & used against any GROUP, CLUB (CAR) or ORGANISATION (religious) or Association, at any time : have a look at this gem … 36 pages of recently amended Bill in NSW to coincide with VALD aka COC here in NSW:…/…/b2013-031-d10-HOUSE.pdf …………..these are links to NSW Legislation & the introduction letter read when it was tabled for the second time…/2R%20CRIMES%20%28CRIMINA…
    …. this legislation was passed in NSW by both houses on the 24th Oct ’13 – it was tabled on the 21st Oct ’13 … SO …..

  2. Well said Cheri! The mainstream media has done the government’s work of misleading the public extremely well so far. The number of people I talk to about VLAD who believe it is only targeted at outlaw motorcycle gangs is staggering (and depressing). Not one of them has read the legislation either ….. preferring to have the media tell them what to think. 🙁

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