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Forcite To Revamp Sales Avenues For Greater Supply Support

A view of the new Forcite MK1 smart motorcycle helmet

Forcite is in the process of revamping their website – and no wonder. With this past November seeing their most recent shipment of MK1 Smart Helmets selling out in a jaw-dropping 30 minutes, the company has plenty of room to expand and continue to provide to a growing customer base. 

If you were one of the few that wasn’t able to make the waitlist for the last lineup of build slots, Forcite’s official website also tells us that you’ll be getting another chance sometime around the end of Q1 of this year, in March, for their all-new MK1S – although they’re asking us to stay on our toes and check the ‘ol inbox, just in case they’re done sooner. 

A view of the new Forcite MK1 smart motorcycle helmet

Originally, the brand was anticipating a mid-January release for this series, so the fact that they’re only delayed by a handful of weeks is impressive, to say the least. 

“Our incoming new model [the Forcite MK1S] raises the bar on smart functionality and premium features and is the culmination of feedback and further refinement from 12 months and countless kilometers of continued development in collaboration with our loyal community,” says Forcite’s website.

“And it’s still just the beginning.”

A view of the new Forcite MK1 smart motorcycle helmet

We are waiting with bated breath for this launch.  This is the only motorcycle helmet brand we know of that listens so intently to the feedback of their audience – and given the lid itself is considered the most advanced helmet on the potential market, yet is priced for 1299 AUD ($937.82 USD), it appears to be working for them.

Everybody wants a piece of the ‘smart,’ and with the Forcite MK1S, the ‘smart’ apparently just got ‘smarter.’ 

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Hope your 2022 is treating you well, and as ever – stay safe on the twisties.

*All media sourced from Forcite’s official website*